By: Brandon T. Ward

Dear Readers,

Some comments were made on the site that went a little farther than they should have. I want to clarify some of the comments on my part. In no way shape or form am I looking for people to agree on any given subject. In fact, in our comments section we say, “We would love to read your point of view and inspiring messages.

I have said over and over again we are never going to agree on everything. We all have minds of our own to think for ourselves and thank God for it. We have constantly said everyone needs to document a given subject for themselves in the Bible. Individuals should never believe a subject because I or anyone else said it was this way or that way.

In the same breath this site has also turned into a ministry and we do have our own beliefs separate from other churches. Does that mean I know it all? Of course not. Does that mean other beliefs are all wrong? Of course not. However, I am extremely passionate about what I believe in. I always seek the Lord in prayer for guidance and direction and try our studies before I ever publish them on our site. If I did not believe 100% in my heart on a given subject I would not publish it. This is only a glimpse into what we do in the background.

For those who are not aware (you can read our about section) I started this site to share what I believe to be true about the Bible. If individuals believe different that is fine by me, again we will never agree 100%. But if individuals want to teach contrary to what we teach here they should place those teachings somewhere else. Please understand there is a big difference between commenting and teaching things that are contrary to what is taught here. Comments are voicing your opinions clearly and concisely backed up by scripture. While teaching is continually posting teachings that are contrary to what we teach here. Please voice your opinion, but let us also agree to disagree and let it rest. I hope everyone understands that.

Additionally, when comments are made on the site that is contrary to what I teach here it essentially forces a response from myself. Why? When I do not comment and leave a rebuttal I will receive emails from readers asking if I believe what was posted because I did not voice my opinion on it. So please understand when I reply to a comment I am not arguing with a commenter I am stating for the record what I teach on this site. Again, certain subjects have been hashed out so many times there comes a point when all parties need to let it rest. Remember this is our ministry site. You are more than welcome to formulate your own opinion and post it. But let’s not drive an issue so far into the dirt it tries everyone’s patience and invests more time into a discussion we simply will not agree on.

The next point I would like to make is we have a large amount of individuals who study with the Shepherd’s Chapel who visit our site. I have and do study with Pastor Arnold Murray even though he has since passed on. I love the man dearly and he is highly regarded in my heart. However, our site does not say Shepherd’s Chapel at the top. It says, “World Events and the Bible“. We have our own minds here to think for our self just as Pastor Murray taught everyone. ‘Think for yourself and check out the teacher for themselves and if you cannot find it in the Word do not believe it.’ That is what he always taught and words I live by.

I do not feel teachers should be compared against teachers. We all have our own minds and we should all think for ourselves. During a Shepherd’s Chapel broadcast a writer once tried to compare Arnold and Dennis against each other and Arnold was very direct and bold in his response and he did not appreciate the attempt to cause division. My feelings are the same. I am fully aware when my teachings differ from Pastor Murray’s, again I do have a mind and I do think for myself.

I love our readers as you all enjoy studying our Father’s Letter. We have a great group of folks here and I appreciate everyone’s input. I hope this post has clarified comments that were made for those who read them. Again, I am very passionate about what I believe and I cannot apologize for that. If I was a reed that shakes in the wind I would close up shop and this site would disappear, but that is not me (Matthew 11:7). I will stand for what I believe in and if I turn out to be wrong I will stand before the Lord and take my lumps.

We are all in this together and we are all on the same side, our Father’s side.

March on!

Your Brother in Christ,

Brandon T. Ward


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