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Date: October 6, 2016

Bible Verse of the Day: Isaiah 26:4

Bible Verse of the Day

Isaiah 26:4

“Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:”

Christians threatened with fines and prison after refusing to print gay wedding invites

WEB Notes: Notice these Christian women are not forcing their beliefs onto other people. They simply want to be able to exercise their own beliefs in their lives. It is the other parties who are forcing their beliefs onto the Christian women including the government. That is not freedom. Freedom is only what the government says it is.

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Canadian Church Led by Atheist Minister ‘Rarely’ Reads the Bible, Replaces Lord’s Prayer With Secular Mantra

WEB Notes: This makes a mockery out of the Christian people who are going to this so called church. How on earth can you attend a church that has an atheist leader? Insanity of the people knows no bounds. After this mans admission he might be removed as the pastor. “Might,” “maybe” and “possibility” of being removed is not getting it done. You are either for God or you are not.

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John Kerry Consults with Russians on Syria Less Than 48 Hours After Suspending Ties

WEB Notes: The fear and hype lasted a whole two days, how about that. We will continue to watch the situation like all of you. Just understand the actions of the people and the nations and not so much the words that come from their lips.

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Future war with Russia or China would be ‘extremely lethal and fast’, US generals warn

WEB Notes: The fear and hype is being rolled out front and center. War is not needed between nations who are already controlled by the children of Satan. It is possible they will use them for a conflict, maybe event a limited one against themselves. However, there is no real need for that. The fear and hype continues to keep the people in check. The saga in Syria goes back and forth. One where Russia and the US are foes and then back to friends again. Overall what have we seen? Both nations including other Global Powers drop bombs on Syria. Either side can say they support this party or that party, but the actions are the same. “Ye shall know them by their fruits,” (Matthew 7:16).

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Israel Strikes Gaza After Rocket Fire on Israeli City

WEB Notes: Israel lost a fighter jet in this conflict on the way back to base.

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FEC war: Dems reject call to protect Internet news, talk radio from regs

In the latest partisan escalation on the Federal Election Commission, a top Democratic commissioner has ripped a Republican commissioner’s bid to protect books, radio and Internet media from regulation as “pitiful.

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Florida’s Feud Over Zika-Fighting GMO Mosquitoes

On a Tuesday morning in September, under a sweltering tropical sun on the island of Grand Cayman, 140,000 mosquitoes flit around in four large coolers in the back of a gray Toyota minivan. Behind t

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