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Date: October 11, 2016

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 62:1

Bible Verse of the Day

Psalm 62:1

“Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation.”

Russia, Turkey call for urgent end to bloodshed in Syria as Russian jets resume heavy bombing of eastern Aleppo

WEB Notes: Russia and Turkey, Putin and Erdogan are pictured both sitting together discussing the Syrian situation calling for peace in Syria. Meanwhile, Russia once again deploys their fighter jets to drop more bombs on Syria. Just as we have seen for the last two years. They call for calm and then drop the bombs. Another take away I want you to notice is Putin and Erdogan sitting together. It was months ago you were told by the media of all shapes and sizes both of these nations were going to go to war and NATO would be involved. It once again was suppose to be a nuclear war and now they sit together calling for peace. Before you swallow the hook of the media, ensure it lines up with your Father’s Letter.

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Bank of America has a recession warning that’s downright ‘scary’

WEB Notes: These are major bank leaders telling us these things. We have said it until we are blue in the face here, if the economy was fine the bankers would not have zero to near zero rates. If the economy was fine we would not have and would not need global bailouts of various institutions. Should the words of this banker scare you? Of course not. We know what our Father’s Word says concerning the times coming and you are aware and know what to do.

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Russia-Turkey thaw? Putin, Erdogan sign gas pipeline deal

Turkey and Russia on Monday signed a deal to build a gas pipeline from Russia as the two countries pressed ahead with efforts to normalize ties.

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Reek of Desperation Surrounds EU Banks, Regulators Prepare for “Derivatives Clearing Crisis”

In its Global Financial Stability Report, the IMF warned that banks in Europe were too weak to generate sustainable profits even if — and here’s the kicker — the region saw strong economic growth. That hasn’t happened for years.

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United Nations News Centre – On World Day against Death Penalty, Ban says practice ‘has no place in the 21st century’

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called the death penalty a cruel and inhumane practice – one that 65 countries globally retain for terrorism-related offenses – which is the focus of this year’s World Day against the Death Penalty.

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‘Lepo’ (not Aleppo) Tops Debate’s Dictionary Search Lists

WEB Notes: It is a good thing to educate yourself. The unfortunate thing I find here is the American people understand their men and woman are at war across the world, but they do not know where and they do not know why. For freedom is all they will repeat, because that is all they have been told and they do not think to ask for reasons or justifications.

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These Debt & Rent Slaves Get Blamed for the Lousy Economy

A year ago, it was Wall Street – specifically Goldman Sachs – that did a lot of hand-wringing about millennials. “They don’t trust the stock market,” Goldman Sachs determined in a survey. Only 18% thought that the stock market was “the best way to save for the future.”

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‘I spend more than £1,000 a year for a pretend girlfriend to Snapchat and text me’: The men prepared to pay for virtual affection

WEB Notes: Men are spending money on fake relationships… Virtual relationship no less? It would seem to me if your job keeps you so consumed with it that you have no time to enjoy your own life. What is the point? So you have a couple more dollars in your bank account? That sounds more like slavery than anything else. In the back of my mind I feel the “busy” reason could be an excuse for some. Could it be that the digital age has made it harder for some to actually interact with people including a potential girlfriend? Could it be the only way they feel comfortable doing so is through a messaging app on a phone?

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