Dear Readers,

We are weeks away from publishing our latest Bible Study which will be titled, “The Timeline of the Tribulation”. This is a multi-chapter Bible study that covers the events prior to, during and after the Tribulation of Satan. While we are still working on several chapters of this study we do have some material nearly ready that we would like to share with our audience while we finish the complete work.

While we finish preparing Chapter 1 of this study, we would like you to take some time between now and the release of Chapter 1 to freshen up on some of our other Bible studies that are already available to you. Specifically, “Who is the Antichrist? Answered.”, “Mark of the Beast Revealed” and “The Synagogue of Satan: Those Who Claim To Be Judah But Do Lie”. These Bible studies are a good starting point and are required in order to have a good understanding of the subjects we will cover in our new study.

Our next communication regarding this study will be several weeks out where we will provide a date for publishing Chapter 1 of this study. We wanted to provide advance notice so you have the opportunity to review the studies mentioned above.

Other Recommended Studies to Review:

The Saints and Their Role in the Tribulation
As in the Days of Noah and the End Times Flood of Lies
The Garden of Eden: The Origins of Satan’s Seed

Thank You,

Brandon T. Ward


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