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Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 100:4-5

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Bible Verse of the Day

Psalm 100:4-5

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.”

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    My dear brothers and sisters in God YHVH / Christ!

    I celebrate and share with you =====>

  2. Verse 4 =====> Know the gates that you are to enter, and be thankful that the Holy Spirit has led you through those gates. This verse leads the way, first to “enter”, then “praise”, then be “thankful” to Him, and “bless His Holy Name” YHVH. Remember from Psalms 96:11 that the acrostic was given through the manuscripts to reveal that Holy Name; “YHVH” =====> “Yismechu Hashshamayim Vethagel Ha’aretz..”…This is the the first letter of the phrase from that verse: “Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad;” Not every one will enter through those gates of His temple in the millennium age, but only those that stayed true to the end. We are told of these priests of the Zadok in Ezekiel 44, they are the first fruits, for they would not bow a knee to Satan, but each stood firm in the Lord. They are the only ones allowed in His gates.

    Verse 5 =====> “YHVH is good.” The truth of God’s Holy Word will be taught by one method or another to every generation. In
    this final generation it is becoming harder and harder to teach the truth from His Word because of the false doctrine and traditions that are taking over in the church houses today. However, there are some that will stay with the truth to the end, and they shall enter into the gates of the Lord. But most just will not care what the Word says, and will become part of Satan’s system and worship him in the end. Satan will deceive the world with his deceptions and lying wonders, but in the end
    Satan will turn on those deceived.

    Our Lord’s mercy is offered to all generations of people that will heed to His Word, and follow Him. Those promises, each
    and every one of them are given to you, no matter what generation you are living in, for they are eternal. The truth of God’s Word, as well as our Lord Jesus Christ, is a true today, as the moment that the Words were written down by the prophets and apostles, to be recorded forever in His Word.

    God Bless.

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