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How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House

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WEB Notes: You should always research the background of those either running for office, in office or those who help get someone into office. This can help bring a much better understanding of the situation to your mind. Mr. Kushner is also married to one of Trump’s daughters.

It’s been one week since Donald Trump pulled off the biggest upset in modern political history, and his headquarters at Trump Tower in New York City is a 58-story, onyx-glassed lightning rod. Barricades, TV trucks and protesters frame a fortified Fifth Avenue. Armies of journalists and selfie-seeking tourists stalk Trump Tower’s pink marble lobby, hoping to snap the next political power player who steps into view. Twenty-six floors up, in the same building where washed-up celebrities once battled for Trump’s blessing on The Apprentice, the president-elect is choosing his Cabinet, and this contest contains all the twists and turns of his old reality show.

Winners will emerge shortly. But today’s focus is on the biggest loser: New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who has just been fired from his role leading the transition, along with most of the people associated with him. The episode is being characterized as a “knife fight” that ends in a “Stalinesque purge.”

The most compelling figure in this intrigue, however, wasn’t in Trump Tower. Jared Kushner was three blocks south, high up in his own skyscraper, at 666 Fifth Avenue, where he oversees his family’s Kushner Companies real estate empire. Trump’s son-in-law, dressed in an impeccably tailored gray suit, sitting on a brown leather couch in his impeccably neat office, displays the impeccably polite manners that won the 35-year-old a dizzying number of influential friends even before he had gained the ear, and trust, of the new leader of the free world.

Source: Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House

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  1. Christians voted for Donald Trump because the Bible tells us to “choose life”. Christians voted for him because we he wants to nominate a Conservative Supreme Court Justice. There are a lot of reasons we voted for him, reasons that side with God on the issues plaguing our nation. If it happens to be a part of some grander, more sinister scheme, then we will not be held accountable for what we do not know and cannot see. Those I worry about are professing Christians who voted for a candidate who is very openly pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, a global elite, a thief, Anti-Israel, and a necromancer.

    The number 666 is, specifically, the number of the NAME of the Antichrist. There are millions of people, past and present, whose name has equaled the number 666. That doesn’t make them the Antichrist. I was almost given a license plate at the DMV with the number 666. I gave it back, but the point is… what if I had been driving around with that license plate? Does that mean anything?

    Remember that numbers, colors, nature, the stars… ALL things belong to God, and he created all things. We shouldn’t read too much into things that could happen to anybody.

    • Thank you for the comment Wade.

      You shouldn’t read too much into is right, but you should be aware of it and if you understand the background of some individuals it is not far off the mark. I understand why many voted for trump, it is everyone’s right to do what they choose, no issues there. Our point of view has been neither candidate was desired by 90% of America, but we got one of the two anyway. Instead of going along with the people we were presented with, we should have demanded a real candidate. trump also supports homosexuality among other issues that are not in line with God. We live in a very imperfect world, but this is far over the top. We have covered the topic quite a bit on the site so let me leave you with this link which provides a summary and let it rest.

      Thank you Wade.

  2. 666 5th avenue ? Oh that’s just wonderful. I just helped elect AC. Oh well…. Sometimes I guess you need the devil on your side. Build the damn wall!

  3. Kushner Properties owns and occupies 666 Fifth Ave in Manhattan. I don’t make too much out of this but we all know the Children of Satan are controlling the puppet strings of this nation’s so-called leaders.

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