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Date: December 10, 2016


Earthquake - San Andreas Fault

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons – ikluft

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Martina McBride – What Child Is This?

Merry Christmas from World Events and the Bible!

Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 18:15

Bible Verse of the Day

Deuteronomy 18:15

“The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;”

Desolation in Aleppo as Syrian Army Takes Control of 93% of Destroyed Territory – Video

WEB Notes: We have only been given half of the story here. The Syrian army has regained dirt, not a city. Aleppo as we can see it from the drone footage below is an absolute disaster. There is nothing to claim, no infrastructure to save. The terrorists have won and will no doubt move onto the next city. I have to say from this footage and the footage we have shown in the past from Damascus it is extremely obvious a lot of bombs are being dropped on Syria by global powers and they have admitted as much. The take away here is the extent of this damage was not caused by “rebels” on the ground with rifle ammunition. But by bombs dropped from above. Russia has been a part of this as well. Note the large smoke plume in the back and at about the 1:08 mark you will note two large explosions far off in the distance.

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Megyn Kelly: “Too Many Americans Aren’t Listening At All To What The Press Tells Them,” “Dangerous” – Audio

WEB Notes: Why on earth would anyone want to trust what comes out of the mouth of the mainstream without fact checking it? On the other hand how much of her words are just hype? How many people do you know in your personal life that discredit the mainstream media? Those in my personal life seem to be inline with the mainstream media and rarely go against the grain unless something is brought to their attention. I see some of this in the same light of the trump presidency. Many now have this false hope that trump will somehow turn the nation around all while the children of Satan still control it. This media article here claims America has turned their back on the mainstream and has embraced alternative news. I know some have. But if you look at the ratings and page views between the mainstream and alternative media there is no comparison.

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Islamic State ‘has lost 50,000 fighters’ over two years

WEB Notes: We were told just a year ago ISIS had only 33,000 fighters. So how did they lose 50,000? The math does not work unless they have been recruiting and even then their numbers would have surpassed 33,000 to keep the troops fresh so once again the mainstream media’s news makes no sense. This makes it sound like as if global forces fighting against terrorism are succeeding when in reality the global powers are funding them to begin with. This is called a proxy war my friends and obama just removed the last bit of tape blocking support for these terrorists.

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Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House

WEB Notes: Sure they did. Remember the children of Satan need to cause division among the people to keep them divided. The children of Satan already control these two nations. One thing is certain if the Russians caused a change to the election the CIA knew about it before hand and never blew the whistle.

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Mexico says army to stay in streets

WEB Notes: Mexico has been fighting the drug cartels for ten years according to CNN. Now they have to place troops in the streets for drug control? No. This is about people control and we highly doubt these troops will be removed anytime soon.

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If Everything is so Bullish, Why Are Bank Insiders Dumping Their Shares at Record Pace?

WEB Notes: It is appearing more and more that things are being setup to fall. That does not mean tomorrow, but look at the indicators. There is no reason for a new record high in the stock market. The shares of the major banks are up 25% plus in the last 30 days. There is no reason for that. Nothing has changed for the better. Do not lose sight of the preparations we discussed in our article, “Preparing Our Households for the Tribulation” Despite what many of you might be feeling, America is not saved and neither is the world. There is only one Savior and His name is Jesus Christ.

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Spain to send more soldiers to help Iraq forces combat ISIS

Spain says it plans to send an additional 150 soldiers and police to Iraq to help train Iraqi security forces combatting ISIS.

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Government Bond & Mortgage “Carnage” Enters Sixth Week

Traders got even more nervous on Friday, after having been twitchy all Thursday, and they alleviated this condition by selling government bonds.

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Obama moving entire F-16 production line to India

The Obama administration is moving to have the F-16 produced “exclusively” in India.While the F-16 has been produced in other countries through joint ventures before, President Barack Obama’s move could mark the first time that an entire assembly line has been moved abroad.

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