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Date: December 14, 2016

House Passes Bill Allowing Government to Microchip Citizens With “Mental Disabilities”

WEB Notes: This is not close to being law yet, but it is interesting to track what the government is up too. They think more laws help make a better world which is not the case. For those wondering, no this is not the Mark of the Beast.

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Friday: Bible Question, Answer and Discussion

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Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 1:26-28

Bible Verse of the Day

Luke 1:26-28

“And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary. And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.”

Court Officials Who Jailed a Veteran for Living Off-Grid Were “Just Doing Their Jobs” – Video

What if your job meant that you had to go arrest a guy who just wanted to live off the grid on his own land? What if that guy was a veteran? What if his only crime was refusing a service that he was supposed to pay for, like public water or utilities?Is it actually acceptable to go to his place, kidnap him, and hold him against his will for that? If YOU are the person who takes any of those actions, are you to blame if you’re “just doing your job?”

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“Population Replacement of the German People is a Reality” – AfD Deputy Chairwoman Christina Baum – Video

Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, ‘Key Leader’ in Ending Boy Scout Ban on Open Homosexuals

WEB Notes: Why does this not come as a surprise? Do you honestly think your Father in Heaven is okay with this? Do you think your Father in Heaven is okay with homosexual acts (Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:27)? I would urge caution to those who lean on men to fix their problems. Learn to stand and fix your own problems by speaking out and lean on your Father in Heaven.

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UN Internet Summit Run by Beijing Pushes “Global Governance”

Under the leadership of various Communist Chinese agents within the United Nations, the UN’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF) met in Mexico last week and concluded with calls for greater international controls and more “global governance” of the World Wide Web. Another key item on the agenda was exploiting the Internet to promote the UN’s deeply controversial “Agenda 2030” Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), essentially a UN road-map toward global totalitarianism that Beijing played a “crucial role” in developing.

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Drone footage shows devastation of deserted eastern Aleppo – Video

WEB Notes: Additional footage from Aleppo shows a city in ruins. More reports are coming out that the city has now been reclaimed by Syria and they “won” this battle. Does it look like anyone but the terrorists won this battle? Syria has gained nothing but a devastated infrastructure. As we said the other day the terrorists in large part have moved on to the next city.

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Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence that Russia Tampered with Votes in Election

WEB Notes: The US has become a mere shell of its former self. After hearing the FBI rebuke the CIA’s claim of vote tampering by Russia I think we all figured that was enough. But then ol obama chimes in saying no tampering took place by the Russians. Notice he said, “we”. Who is “we”? Does he have a separate group of intelligence. This country is so fractured they do not know what real truth is anymore and that is the goal. Divide, divide, divide. You see the division in the people. You now a sect of people who see trump for what he is and another sect that thinks he is a good guy. Day by day with his cabinet appointments it is becoming quite clear what we face ahead for those who wish to accept it.

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Algorithms are making us small-minded

We live in a world of curation. The internet — aided by algorithms that predict what we search, buy, listen to, read, watch and even who we want to date and marry — expertly helps to us find what we want.

Well, as long as it’s similar to whatever we’ve liked in the past.

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Moody’s changes outlook on Italian banking sector to negative due to increasing capital needs, weakening confidence

Fasting kills cancer cells of most common type of childhood leukemia

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have found that intermittent fasting inhibits the development and progression of the most common type of childhood leukemia.

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