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Few answers as Chicago hit with worst violence in nearly 20 years

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WEB Notes: Here is an answer. Gun control does not work, it is people control plain and simple.

It was movie night in Demarco Kennedy’s Far South Side apartment.The 32-year-old railroad worker’s wife and three children waited for him in the living room, with plans to watch the animated film “Rio 2.” He sat at his dining room table, paying bills.

Source: Few answers as Chicago hit with worst violence in nearly 20 years – Chicago Tribune

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  1. Give up your guns and you too can be like Chicago. Their slogan should be “Chicago, the land of milk and honey”.

    • Sounds good, let’s all move to Chicago were we can live in safety. Or, if you don’t want to move you can wait for the government to take all your guns and you will be safe everywhere.

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