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Netanyahu Wants to Discuss Iran With Trump as Tensions Grow

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WEB Notes: trump is against the Iran deal just as netanyahu. trump’s pick for defense secretary is pro war with Iran so you can imagine where this is going in the next year or so. This should not be a surprise to anyone. We have discussed this issue many times (Which Path to Persia). Why is there a need to remove the powers in Iran? They like Syria are not a apart of the global financial system. The nations who refuse to participate have been and are being removed from power and replaced by puppets who will merge with the Current Global Structure.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing to renew his assault on the Iran nuclear deal when he meets with Donald Trump, whose opposition to the accord overarches growing questions about its fate.

The U.S.-president elect has called the U.S.-led Iran agreement the “worst deal ever negotiated” and plans to nominate one of its leading critics, retired Marine General James Mattis, as defense secretary. Adding to the tensions, the U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to extend the U.S. president’s authority to impose sanctions on Iran, drawing swift denunciation from Iranian authorities.

Netanyahu, who clashed publicly and bitterly with the Obama administration over the deal, contended on Sunday that Iran has become a “more aggressive power” since it was signed in July 2015 and said he “looked forward” to speaking with Trump “about what to do about this bad deal.” Netanyahu spoke at a conference in Washington conducted via video link from Jerusalem.

Source: Netanyahu Wants to Discuss Iran With Trump as Tensions Grow – Bloomberg Politics

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