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The Truth About Syria From The Mainstream Media

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WEB Notes: In the two videos below CBS Ben Swann explains the truth about what is transpiring in Syria. Truth we have been telling for some time now. Why are they allowing him to tell truth on the mainstream airwaves is the real question? No one sneaks in any information on the mainstream, it is all pre-approved before broadcasting. This reminds me of Glen Beck and his days with Fox News before they cut him loose.

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  1. They are letting this be said for a reason. they never let any news out that they don’t want to be known. they are up to something but we will probably never know. they are sneaky, most of us (me) can never figure out what they are up to, but i bet it won’t be good.

    • One more reason to not trust and to throw down the government, when the time comes that will come in handy, but no one will believe it unless it comes from the mainstream media so they are letting the cat out of the bag. I think trump is going to be the patsy, but of course we will have to wait and see.

      • No he is not the patsy, i actually did vote this year, but now i know it was a mistake. be very careful what you believe, trump will not save us, they are all in it together. they now show him as the shinning light? what does it say about the anti-christ? i am not saying he is, but people think he is going to do these amazing things, which he might do some, but i wouldn’t get my hopes up. even the alternative news is getting out of hand with all the fear mongering about obama wanting to get into war with russia . i never watch the mainstream media, because i do not want to be brainwashed in any way, i would like to make my own decisions. i am just careful what i read anymore. i am glad that brandon put this up, because i wouldn’t of known otherwise.

  2. I wonder if that guy will still have a job tomorrow. Telling the truth on main stream media is a big no no.

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