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Date: January 20, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: James 1:2-3

Trump Stresses Globalism but It Should Be Within a Process of Free Trade

Donald Trump is committed to globalisation. Davos told Elite in Europe and US have misunderstood trade stance says Anthony Scaramucci … A senior member of Donald Trump’s team insisted that the president-elect was committed to globalisation, open trade and Nato, despite recent comments that unsettled America’s allies. -FT

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Hamas, Fatah Agree to Unity Govt, Aim to Hold Elections

In an agreement reached in Moscow, Fatah and Hamas have announced that they intend to form a new Palestinian unity government with an eye toward holding elections and showing a united front internationally amid a renewed focus on the peace process.

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More Cooperation Between America and China Than There Seems

Xi portrays China as global leader as Trump era looms … China will build a “new model” of relations with the United States, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday in a speech that portrayed China as the leader of a globalized world where only international cooperation could solve the big problems. -Reuters

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The first GMO non-browning apples will go on sale in the US next month

Guide: Trump’s Cabinet Selections

WEB Notes: Visit source link for full list.

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China’s Holdings of US Treasuries Plunge at Historic Pace

China’s holdings of US Treasury securities plunged by a stunning $66.4 billion in November 2016, after having already plunged $41 billion in October, the US Treasury Department reported today in its Treasury International Capital data release. After shedding Treasuries for months, China’s holdings, now the second largest behind Japan, are down to $1.049 trillion.

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In lawmakers’ first hearing on state budget, Gov. Jerry Brown’s staff gets grilled on a $1.5-billion mistake

WEB Notes: A $1.5 Billion dollar mistake and no one is losing their job? Those of you who manage money for a living, can you imagine making a small error in your budget and the results of that mistake. Hey in government this guy just might get a raise.

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These Catholic parishes openly celebrate LGBT. Why aren’t bishops stopping it?

WEB Notes: Look at this image of the “Altar at Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood, Calif.” This is an abomination to our Father.

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5 reasons why you should be ‘dying’ to cut back on sugar

Some people try to cut their sugar intake to help prevent cavities or in an attempt to try to shed a few pounds. However, even if you are blessed with exceptional dental health and a trim figure, there are plenty of other excellent reasons you should kick sugar to the curb.

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