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Date: January 23, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: James 1:5

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Mattis Celebrates First Day By Blowing Up ISIS 31 Times

WEB Notes: The “conservative” base will be in joyful applause at this news. Yet, the new boss is the same as the old boss. Mattis did not suddenly develop a new attack strategy. He was handed the playbook and he is continuing to execute it just as the former administration did. ISIS is a terrorist proxy created by Global Powers that is assisting in destroying the nations who fail to go along with the global agenda. Notice ISIS has never attacked Israel, don’t you find that odd…

Global Powers have been fighting ISIS for years now. The greatest super powers on earth cannot seem to destroy a couple Toyota pickup trucks. Yet, they somehow manage to continually destroy the infrastructure of Syria.

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Iran to resume enhanced nuclear program if Trump dishonors P5+1 agreement

WEB Notes: There will be no deviation from the playbook, “Which Path to Persia.

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US in ‘early stages’ of discussing embassy relocation to Jerusalem

WEB Notes: Let’s add more debt by building a new embassy in Jerusalem in an effort to “support” a people that do not follow Christ.

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Trump Announces New “Missile Defense System” Against Iran And North Korea

WEB Notes: Already moves are being made against Iran and North Korea who are no threat in of themselves. The “threat” resides with them not being a part of the current global order.

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Basic Incomes in Finland and Scotland Are Reaction to Trump’s Politics

WEB Notes: This is silly. trumps politics? He has none yet so they cannot pin the tail on him. This will be an ongoing issue as we move forward, populism. The idea of basic income will not go away for the world however. That is more based on the amount of people and available jobs and with jobs continually being replaced by machines, there are only so many to go around.

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Suspected US drone strikes kill three al-Qaida suspects in Yemen, officials say

Suspected US drone strikes have killed three alleged al-Qaida operatives in Yemen’s south-western Bayda province, security and tribal officials said, the first such killings reported in the country since Donald Trump assumed the presidency on Friday.

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Measles outbreak grows in L.A despite strict new vaccination law

Six months after California’s strict vaccine law took effect, a measles outbreak has infected 20 people, most of them in Los Angeles County, prompting a search for others who may have been exposed to the highly contagious virus.

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