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Date: January 25, 2017

Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Bible Verse of the Day: Philippians 4:8

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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US Treasury Sec: Mnuchin Backs Fed Independence and Signals Reform Isn’t Priority

WEB Notes: This seems to be a repeating theme now, raise your hand if you are surprised. What did you honestly expect? When you bring them into your midst they are going to fulfill their agenda. You want to talk about giving power back to the people? This would be priority number 1 and it just vanished right before your eyes.

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Dictator in Chief: Trump Signs Executive Orders and “Memorandas” Establishing “Law”

WEB Notes: trump has now signed ten executive orders which are increasingly becoming the new “law of the land”. When obama did it, everyone was up in arms, when trump does it, it is okay. Where is the outrage here people? You are reeds shaking in the wind, blowing whichever way the wind blows.

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US Stocks At Record High: US back in rally mode, lifting S&P, Nasdaq

WEB Notes: This is all based on emotion, nothing has changed. Nothing suddenly got better. More jobs were not created and people did not rush out and spend money they do not have. Hopefully everyone read our study, “Signs, Seasons and the Escalation of Events in 2016” which documents how bad off Americans are. That has not changed in two weeks. It astounds me how the wool can so easily be pulled over everyone’s eyes. We have always known the markets are rigged, but hey they no longer are some now believe. Whatever suites your fancy.

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WHO on ‘High-Alert’ Over New Outbreaks of Bird Flu

WEB Notes: Quick rush out to the nearest indoctrination center, I mean vaccination center, Lord knows they cooked up another one for you.

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Mexico ready to quit NAFTA if US talks fail

Mexico drew red lines on Tuesday ahead of negotiations with US President Donald Trump’s administration, warning it could quit the talks and a major trade pact if the discussions hit a wall.

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US Government Ready to Send Federal Force to Chicago to End Murder Wave

WEB Notes: Let’s face it, Chicago is a big time mess. But does the Federal Government have a right to invade it? Not a chance, remember we have something called states rights in the Constitution.

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California’s stormy winter sets snowfall record for Mammoth resorts — over 20 feet in one month

WEB Notes: Global Warning? Climate Change? Nope. Mother Nature is simply balancing out after several years of drought.

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Aspartame: University of Iowa study finds diet drinks associated with heart trouble for older women

Drinking two or more diet drinks a day may increase the risk of heart disease, including heart attack and stroke, in otherwise healthy postmenopausal women, according to a new University of Iowa study. The findings were presented March 30 at the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd Annual Scientific Session in Washington, D.C.

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Citigroup’s Crime Spree Against Americans Continues With Slaps on the Wrist

Yesterday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) charged two units of the Wall Street mega bank, Citigroup, with insidious fraudulent acts against homeowners while it imposed a modest $28.8 million in relief and penalties. The penalty portion of $7.4 million is meaningless because this is a bank that serially breaks the law, laughs at its regulators, and, most outrageously, it was simultaneously engaging in heinous misdeeds against Americans while the U.S. government was using taxpayer money to bail out its failed business model of brazen financial frauds. The $7.4 million in fines also stands in contrast to the $14.9 billion that Citigroup reported as net income for 2016.

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