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Date: January 29, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Mark 9:35

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Trump and Putin Call Terrorism The Key Threat and Vow To Join Forces To Defeat It

WEB Notes: Russia and the United States have been working together in Syria for several years now. We have posted numerous articles on this fact and then you have the video imagery we have shown as well and we have links to all of this in our study, “Signs, Seasons and the Escalation of Events in 2016“.

We are now going to see even more cooperation between these nations including the European nations. trump and putin have both called “international terrorism” the key threat we face today. Of course this is a manufactured threat as we have pointed out over and over and we will include our own video documentation below as well. The world has been issuing calls for several years now to unite in order to fight terrorism and even under the new trump administration we are hearing the same calls.

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Trump discusses security issues with five world leaders

WEB Notes: trump is telling German leader Merkel he has a commitment to NATO who he previously called “obsolete” in an attempt to pander to red blooded Americans. Both leaders also agreed that NATO is important for “ensuring the peace and stability of our North Atlantic community”.

When trump was asked in July of 2016 if he would mobilize NATO for “both ground and air to wipe out ISIS” his response was, “I would say that would be just fine and I have said it.

There more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Trump Wants to Enlist Local Police in Immigration Crackdown

WEB Notes: Just two years ago obama used six cities to run a test where local police where going to be under the direction of the federal government. The American people were outraged. Yet, trump can do it and the people wave their flags.

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Canada’s Trudeau welcomes refugees; U.S.-bound passengers turned away

WEB Notes: Common sense would tell us if we are going to build border walls on the southern border to keep out illegal immigrants and block refugees from foreign lands from entering the nation, then we might want to have a look at the northern border since Canada is still allowing refugees into their nation.

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The U.S. Had A Plan To Topple All 7 Countries On Trump’s Refugee Ban List – Video

WEB Notes: trump already signed this Executive Order as we documented. We have posted this video of Wesley Clark in the past and if you have seen “American: Freedom to Fasism” you will recall a similar list of nations. Why? Those nations are (were) not a part of the globalist agenda. The only nations on this list that remain outside of the global financial system are Iran and Syria and we see them under physical attack or verbal attack constantly. If you are reading along with us in our study “The Timeline of the Tribulation” you know Iran will be one of the next nations to fall (Chapter 2).

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Judge Blocks Trump Order to Return Refugees and Visa-Holders

WEB Notes: What a mess. Stop the wars in the Middle East and most of your problem goes away. If the West was not bombing the Middle East and funding terrorist proxies like ISIS there would be no refugees. Let’s start using our critical thinking skills and think about issues deeper than those that are presented to you.

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With 2.2 million Afghans feared to be on the move, UN agency to begin tracking displacements, aid relief

Amid concerns of a severe humanitarian crisis induced by sudden return home of hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees and undocumented citizens, coupled with conflict-induced displacement, the United Nations migration agency has launched a new displacement tracking system to better understand population movements and needs in the crisis-struck country.

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Dow Companies Report Worst Revenues since 2010 As Dow Rises to 20,000

WEB Notes: Visit the source for the graph. Since 2011 the DOW in numbers climbed 73%. Yet, revenues for the 30 companies in this index actually dropped 4.4%. More proof for those in doubt that those big DOW numbers you see, are meant to keep the average American in the dark.

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