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Trump discusses security issues with five world leaders

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WEB Notes: trump is telling German leader Merkel he has a commitment to NATO who he previously called “obsolete” in an attempt to pander to red blooded Americans. Both leaders also agreed that NATO is important for “ensuring the peace and stability of our North Atlantic community”.

When trump was asked in July of 2016 if he would mobilize NATO for “both ground and air to wipe out ISIS” his response was, “I would say that would be just fine and I have said it.

There more things change, the more they stay the same.

According to the White House information, Trump and Merkel discussed policies toward Russia, as well as the role of NATO and possible ways to solve the crises in Ukraine and the Middle East.

During the conversation, Trump appeared to be reassuring Merkel of the US commitment to NATO, an organization he earlier described as “obsolete.”

“The president and the chancellor also agreed on the NATO Alliance’s fundamental importance to the broader transatlantic relationship and its role in ensuring the peace and stability of our North Atlantic community,” the White House said in a statement. “In this vein, the leaders recognized that NATO must be capable of confronting 21st century threats and that our common defense requires appropriate investment in military capabilities to ensure all Allies are contributing their fair share to our collective security.”

Source: TASS: World – Trump discusses security issues with five world leaders

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