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Date: February 14, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: John 13:34-35

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Big Brother is watching you: Jim Rogers prophesizes death of cash & total govt control of spending

WEB Notes: The article goes on to explain how cash is used to finance terrorist operations. Of course and this will be one of the narratives used to remove it. Terrorism which is a manufactured crisis to begin with. I will repeat, people certainly are dying due to terrorism. The point is, the terrorist machines like ISIS are proxies of the West, funded and created to overthrow governments who do not go along with the globalist narrative.

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US wholesale inflation sees biggest monthly gain in 4 years

US wholesale inflation continued its upward trend in January, recording its largest monthly gain in more than four years, according to data released Tuesday by the Labor Department.

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New Office Sensors Know When You Leave Your Desk

About a year ago, in a widely reported story, journalists at British newspaper the Telegraph found little black boxes installed under their desks. The devices, which had “OccupEye” emblazoned on them, detected if employees were at their workstations. Not shockingly, writers and editors were suspicious, worried that bosses were monitoring their moves, even their bathroom breaks. The National Union of Journalists complained to management about Big Brother-style surveillance. The company insisted the boxes were intended to reduce energy costs, ensuring that empty cubicles weren’t overheated or over-air-conditioned, but the damage was done, and the devices were removed.

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Outlawing microchipping humans not so far fetched, Nevada senator says

WEB Notes: This entire idea proves how faint our sense of freedom really is. This is America, we are supposed to be free. What do they mean we need a bill to keep us from being forced to have some implantable chip? If you don’t want a chip you don’t get a chip. The fact that the government wants to get involved tells you they will end up pushing something on the people. Let’s face it, we all are chipped already. You are attached to a cellular device that has wifi connectivity which basically provides tracking wherever you are. A personal listening device if you will. That’s what the CIA reminded us of anyway.

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Calif. evacuees may be away from home two weeks for Oroville spillway fixes

WEB Notes: FEMA is going to provide 150,000 bottles of water to nearly 200,000 people? They will also provide 20,000 blankets, 10,000 cots to nearly 200,000 people. Am I missing something here? Are the people going to share the water, blankets and cots? The Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico is helping a large amount of people all by volunteers in the community and this is the best the government can do? Our tax dollars? Another great example why we all need to be prepared for whatever may pop up in life. People are potentially looking at being away from their homes for up to two weeks at this point if everything goes well. This is a huge deal right now. Entire towns are evacuated, stores are closed and towns look like ghost towns. The economic impact this is having is tremendous to say the least.

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Trump Replaces Flynn with Boss of Super Secret Surveillance Contractor

Mike Flynn’s out. He resigned as Trump’s advisor this evening after a chorus of calls for him to step down for an alleged relationship with the Russians. This fits the narrative used by Democrats since the election: Putin and the Russians influenced the vote somehow, although nobody can tell us how exactly. Trump and his supporters are in league with them, according to the narrative.

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Student Being Investigated For Giving Free Haircuts To The Homeless

An Arizona cosmetology student is currently being investigated for giving free haircuts to the homeless. Juan Carlos Montesdeoca has been giving away free haircuts to homeless individuals at Santa Rita park in Tucson and recently organized an event called Haircuts for the Homeless at a local library, during which he offered free haircuts and manicures to the homeless people of Tucson.

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This is What Happens to Inflation when a Currency Gets Unpegged from the Dollar

On November 3, the Egyptian Central Bank removed all exchange-rate restrictions and raised its benchmark rate by three percentage points. This was done to obtain that all-important $12-billion bailout loan the IMF had provisionally agreed to provide in August, though by November 3, the IMF’s executive committee still hadn’t ratified it.

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Burger King Is Now Putting Sex Toys in Its ‘Adult’ Combo Meals for Valentine’s Day in Israel

WEB Notes: What is the world coming too?

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