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Date: February 26, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: 1 John 4:9

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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U.S. Air Force Seeks Israeli Technology To Destroy ISIS Drones

WEB Notes: Israel has been involved in the war at very, very low levels. They have attacked Syria at least a dozen times over the last 3-4 years alone. Now they will assist with drone capabilities as ISIS now has “drones”. Yet, no one can figure out where they are or how to stop them. Everything that goes on in the world is like one big awfully scripted television show. I have watched B rated movies with a better script than this.

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US to send F-35s to MidEast to fight ISIS in ‘not too distant future’

WEB Notes: Do you realize each one of these planes costs on average of $180 million dollars? Billions of dollars have been spent “fighting” ISIS and yet, ISIS grows stronger. Common sense would tell us more is going on here than what we are being told. We will talk more about this proxy army ISIS in a future Bible Q&A.

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CNN, New York Times, other media barred from White House briefing

WEB Notes: And the conservative base roared in applause. Now how many of those same conservatives would have been hooting and hollering if obama had done the same thing? Hold the same standard. All of the media is owned by literally a few people. It is controlled, both the left and right leaning media, controlled by the children of Satan. A part of the children of Satan’s plan is to control both sides of the argument, then they can control the thought process of both sides and the plan works absolutely brilliantly and most cannot see it with their own eyes. God said to be as wise as the serpent, He did not say it for the fun of it. He was trying to warn you. Are you listening to that warning?

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Trump Administration Cancels Back-Channel Talks With North Korea

WEB Notes: North Korea continues to be in the news, why? They are not a part of the global agenda. North Korea is about as backward as backward can get. News has come out that North Korea could test another missile. While the US may deploy the THAAD missle system in South Korea “amid growing tensions spurred by North Korea’s recurring ballistic and nuclear tests”. Any nation that is a part of the global agenda can and does perform missile tests all of the time. When it is an enemy of the globalists it becomes news and an “imminent threat”.

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Transgender boy wins Texas girls wrestling title

WEB Notes: This is a girl who is now taking testosterone shots to make her appearance “boyish” which dramatically increases strength. How is this even legal with the school system? This is cheating in the least and disturbing at the worst. She was born a girl, therefore she is a girl, that is common sense.

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All Family Christian Stores To Close

WEB Notes: The store is blaming “changing consumer behavior and declining sales” for the store closures (could bad business practices be at play…). Christianity continues to fall in popularity and that is alright. God is not looking to be popular, He is looking for people to Stand for Him.

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Iraqi sinkhole mass grave for 4,000 ISIS victims – report

WEB Notes: Why the surprise? What do you think is happening in Iraq and Syria? Death and lots of it all sponsored by your government. I think it would be prudent for pictures to be shown though and not a picture of what looks to be a trash dump. The lies are great in our hour and we need to question everything.

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