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Date: March 1, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 73:25-26

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Reader Question: What Do We Do With This Information?

We received an email from a reader and we have decided to post the question as other people may have a similar question or concern.

“We are going into captivity! We are not to fight it as Zedekiah did. Just curious, what are you suggesting we are to do with this information during this point in time?”

This question was with respect to an article we posted titled, “Welcome Aboard, But First US Marshals Will Scan Your Retina”.

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Islam Set To Overtake Christianity As Most Popular Religion, While US Population Also Rapidly Growing

WEB Notes: When you think about the grand scale and the details of what is transpiring in our world it is astounding. Years ago Bush told us we needed a “war on terror” and we needed to fight the terrorists over there so they will not come over here. After the US has decimated many Arab lands we now invite them to our nations. Can you see the larger plan here?

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McCain Made Secret Trip to Syria to Meet U.S. Military, Anti-Assad Rebels

Twenty Million African migrants heading for Europe

WEB Notes: You cannot continue to let this many people into the small European nations and expect them to remain “European”. The cultural is and will continue to change. The Christian culture is diminishing and that of course is a part of the children of Satan’s plan.

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DNA Test Shows Subway’s Oven-Roasted Chicken Is Only 50 Percent Chicken

WEB Notes: Hopefully no one is surprised by this. You can look at the various “meats” served up in the fast foot business and see with your own eyes it is not real meat. Meat does not look like that. Not to mention this is false advertisement. To claim they are selling you chicken or beef when it is not.

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Noninvasive ways to clean your arteries of plaque

You should start by changing your diet and lifestyle. Eliminate smoking first and foremost. You will also rejuvenate your arteries and your circulation if you begin exercising. Anything is better than nothing, but dozens of recent studies show that simply walking will give you the results you want. Pack your diet with healthy, whole foods like fruits and vegetables (mostly raw), and lean protein.

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San Francisco university lays off IT workers, jobs head to India

WEB Notes: A lot of times jobs are now “in-sourced” where foreign workers are brought into the country to fill the positions. The article continues saying another 49 available positions were eliminated. Sure they were. Companies do this and they hire under new position titles to foreign workers as well. While trump is “creating millions of jobs” he could “create” millions more by removing the H-1B visa program and keep our jobs in American filled with Americans.

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President Trump Begins Dismantling Obama’s EPA Regulations on Waterways

WEB Notes: No matter if you believe this is a good idea or a bad one, this is not how government works. What is the problem some will ask, he is “getting things done”. He is violating the rule of law and that is never, ever a good thing. The EPA rules can be revoke by the correct government process and that does not include signing Executive Orders. Executive Orders are not the rule of law, this is not how you run a country. This is a dictatorship. The decree was followed up by saying, ‘we are going to create millions of jobs’. Based on what? He sounds just like obama and his cabinet. Government does not create jobs, government taxes and removes our jobs. Let’s not forget trump needs to slash spending at the EPA and other agencies to fund his $54 billion military budget increase. You want to create jobs, cut the taxes, stop the spending and let the people keep their money.

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Chinese Christians Sentenced to Up to 7 Years in Prison Over Christian Devotionals

WEB Notes: Now this is persecution. I am sure these folks would appreciate your prayers.

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Disney’s first ‘exclusively gay moment’ hits screens in Beauty and the Beast

WEB Notes: Simply solution. Do not encourage the sin by watching the show.

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