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Date: March 5, 2017

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.

Earthquake - San Andreas Fault

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons – ikluft

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Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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U.S. Airport Pat-Downs Are About to Get More Invasive

WEB Notes: Is this your idea of ‘making America great again’? Once again more incrementalism. When the pat downs were first introduced there was minor resistance to it, but now it is common place and this more “intimate” approach will not seem like much of an escalation. Where is your back bone people? Apparently fathers do not mind their teenage daughters to be felt up. If this took place in public the father would take action against the individual, but hey this is a TSA guy, they are with the government and they are here to help us. Give me a break. That excuse just helps people sleep at night. How about this young man  having his “waist” inspected. Then we have this little boys crotch being touched, apparently this woman does not mind her crotch being touched either. This woman smiles while her breasts are touched and this one is just unbelievable.

Click the links, look at the images and let it sink in just a little. The wool has been pulled over your eyes. The people are molested in plain sight and justify it because, “it’s the law”. No, it is a violation of The Law, your Fourth Amendment rights. As a people we have allowed this to happen, we have allowed our wives, sons  and daughters to not only be publicly molested but shown our children it is okay to have your rights removed. We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to happen and even more ashamed of ourselves for voting it into office election after election.

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Pentagon plan to seize Raqqa calls for significant increase in U.S. participation

WEB Notes: Do you see how incrementalism is used? First the US uses drones over Syria, then it was fighter aircraft, then US troops, don’t forget the funding of “moderate rebels” and now an invasion.

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Trump administration to propose ‘dramatic reductions’ in foreign aid

WEB Notes: As soon as the headline popped up it was obvious… They claim, “We are going to propose to reduce foreign aid and we are going to propose to spend that money here”. Yet in the very next sentence it is pointed out “the cuts in foreign aid would help the administration fund a proposed $54 billion expansion of the U.S. military budget“.

That is not spending the money here. Here means in the USA. That military money will be spent dropping bombs on nations like Syria and Iran, used to promote the global agenda.

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‘We Will Not Compromise’: Alabama Theater Won’t Show ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Due to ‘Gay Moment’

WEB Notes: The owner of Henagar Drive-In said, “When companies continually force their views on us we need to take a stand. We all make choices and I am making mine.” This is absolutely fantastic! I am extremely proud of this man and more importantly our Father is. Anyone who lives around or remotely close to this area go support the Drive-In.

I do want to add, we are not required to state in life why we do the things we do, I was taught not to offer unnecessary information. As a business or individual if you make a stand for God you can simply make that stand and you do not need to offer information as to why you did it. As we have seen with the Cake Bakers, offering unnecessary information can be detrimental to your business. I will say, when people like the Cake Bakers and the owner of this Drive-In make a stand, we as their Christian brothers and sisters must step up to the plate and support them.

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US police agencies with their own DNA databases stir debate

WEB Notes: Of course peoples rights will be violated to acquire their DNA in many cases. In the past we have posted how people who have been stopped and illegal check points have forcefully had their blood drawn after they were removed from their vehicle and taken down to the police station.

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Bahrain Parliament Approves Military Trials for Civilians

Bahrain on Sunday approved a constitutional change allowing military courts to try civilians, the kingdom’s latest rollback on reforms made after its 2011 Arab Spring protests that likely will stoke an ongoing government crackdown on dissent.

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Surge in children being admitted to hospital for sleeping disorders with many kept awake by technology

WEB Notes: If you allow an electronic device to be your baby sitter you are not doing your children a service, you are doing them a great injustice. It is not good parenting to allow your children to play on these device constantly. It is not “cool” to show how your kid has an ipad, iwatch and i who knows what else. Go teach your kids something that actually matters in the real world. Take them for a hike, take them fishing, go for a walk, do something constructive instead of staring at a screen playing games. There is a time for everything, but it certainly needs to be limited. People always go to the doctor and wonder why they have this or that problem. Self diagnoses can be easy, though many cannot admit their own problems. If you eat pork chops and rot gut food and have bad health, you already know why you have bad health (Isaiah 65:4-5). Become accountable for your own actions in life.

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