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Date: March 11, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: Deuteronomy 7:9

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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FBI Used Best Buy Repair Technicians as Secret Agents

WEB Notes: We covered this article back in January, now more details are emerging. There are a lot of folks out there talking about the “Deep State” government always bringing forward the CIA as the culprit. How about the FBI? A trend I see out there is the presidential admin is being attacked by the “Deep State”. So all those obama haters out there, was obama a part of this “Deep State,” or did the “Deep State” just not exist then? Somehow ol trump managed to dodge those “Deep State” folks and get into office without them noticing. Sneaky guy. The elected officials in our nations are not innocent and I am sorry, but if you believe that you have fallen for the lie. There are all sorts of secrets in government and shenanigans, but any “Deep State” would be ran by Satan’s children and from where I sit I see a whole pack surrounding that guy in office and he picked them.

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UN Says World Faces Largest Humanitarian Crisis Since 1945

WEB Notes: What about the catastrophe in the middle east Mr. UN? Millions have died and million more have lost their homes, family and livelihoods with many of those traveling to the European lands to change the landscape. What about that catastrophe? Of course, that  is only a part of the plan and if this new “catastrophe” picks up and nations become involved we will see more war and leaders removed from nations. On and on it goes until the world is moulding to the liking of the children of Satan.

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US Deploying Thousands More Ground Troops to Kuwait to Fight in Iraq, Syria

WEB Notes: As Spring starts to bloom it appears war is as well.

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Trump Administration Moves to Approve New Arms Sales to Saudi Arabian War Criminals

This week’s episode of “Empire Gone Wild” features our freshly inaugurated dear leader, Donald Trump, who appears determined to enthusiastically continue the Obama administration’s policy of recklessly arming Saudi war criminals.

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Assad: No one invited US to Manbij, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are ‘invaders’

WEB Notes: Of course Assad is right. Where are the American people by the way? Has authorization for this war gone through Congress? No. We are sending our men and woman all over the world to fight a terrorist enemy the people do not even understand. One funded by their own government. That is called being used as a pawn in the hand of the enemy.

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Marines nude photo scandal expands to all branches of military

WEB Notes: This is news we should have never heard about. They could have kept this on the inside and dealt with it. These men and woman are fighting against the governments own terrorist proxy armies in the middle east, but hey don’t send any nude photos now. I am not condoning this here, but the government can spy on you, steal your tax money, fund terrorists, bailout banks, illegally take over nations and break the law daily and the men and woman of our armed forces are being busted out for sending nuke photos.

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State DMV backs allowing self-driving cars with no human on board

Self-driving cars with no human behind the wheel — or, for that matter, any steering wheel at all — may soon appear on California’s public roads, under regulations state officials proposed Friday.

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$611,318,000,000: Individual Income Taxes Set Record Through February

WEB Notes: Interesting. I remember being promised lower taxes right away.

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Illegal Border Crossings Decreased 40 Percent During Trump’s First Month

WEB Notes: This news is certainly not negative, but let’s review some of the things they missed here. By the admission of Homeland Security these have been the slow months for immigration, I wonder why. Because it is winter of course,  so naturally illegal immigration will drop on its own. They go on to state the numbers pick up between March and May so I think this article is a bit disingenuous. Secondly, they mention “Since the Administration’s implementation of Executive Orders to enforce immigration laws” have declined. The point here is we did not need an illegal Executive Order to ENFORCE LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. Just enforce the laws that already exist for Heavens sake. Finally, the power of persuasion is an amazing thing. You may recall the rapidly fluctuating fuel prices of several years back. The president would mention we are going to do some drilling in Alaska and miraculously the fuel prices would come down. OPEC did not want to hear that. So naturally if trump says we are locking down the borders and turning people away who come in illegally. That news will travel, then enforce the laws that already exist and follow it up by removing the attractant which is free government aid and you start to actually solve a problem without being a dictator.

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Japan mulls first-strike capability against North Korea

WEB Notes: The only nations pushing the war envelope are those who would fight against, North Korea, Iran and Syria who are not a part of the global financial system.

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African Union Force in Somalia Needs Troop Surge, Chief Says

The head of the African Union mission in Somalia is seeking a surge in troops to help the country’s military control areas won back from extremist group al-Shabab, saying the Somali National Army has been unable to take charge as expected.

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