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Date: March 18, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 15:13

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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US Sends Attack Drones to South Korea Ahead of Simulated Invasion of North

WEB Notes: The Korean escalation continues. B52s are in place, THAAD missile system, aircraft carrier and now drones.

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Oklahoma City restaurant’s transgender bathroom sign causing controversy

WEB Notes: What is so controversial about it? It is common sense. A business has the right to conduct their business the way they choose and you have the right to spend your money the way you choose. As men, we need to protect our families, protect our daughters and wives. If some man is in a woman’s bathroom that is a problem. Men have their own bathroom, men are born with a penis in case there is any confusion.

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For The First Time, Police Ask For Entire City’s Google Searches And The Court Says Yes

WEB Notes: The entire government at every level has rejected the Constitution of the United States and the rights of the people.

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Profiting From Homelessness: Multnomah County, OR To Build Tiny Houses In Residents Backyard At Inflated Cost

WEB Notes: Ensure you visit the source and look at the so called “houses”. This idea is from the third world. Homeowners are going to live in their nice homes and watch a poor family enter their backyard each day to enter their box of a home? You will have guilt and shame on both sides of this and create horrible division. If they want to create an apartment complex they should do that, but not try to mix the two here.

The whole purpose behind this tiny house idea is due to property being so expensive. The article goes on to say each of these tiny houses are 200 square feet in size and will cost $75,000 each! Alarm bells should be going off. A quick look at real estate costs in Multnomah County, Oregon reveals the average per square foot cost is $277. Yet, these tiny houses cost $375 a square foot. Someone is pulling a fast one on the people. We built a chicken house nearly this size for next to nothing.

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Replacing The UN: “A Better System For World Governance” Is Needed

WEB Notes: This is starting to be a notion we hear more and more about. Rumors swirl that trump will reduce or remove funding from the UN. None of this will transpire in a vacuum, it will shake the entire world and we have been talking about this in our study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. Think about it. We had world war 1 and it ended with the founding of the League of Nations. World war 2 ended with the founding of the United Nations. History certainly repeats itself. Today we do not need a world war, as the world is nearly integrated at this point. But there is a need for a consolidation of powers from the perspective of the children of Satan.

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‘You are the future of Europe’: Erdogan urges Turks in EU to have at least 5 kids

WEB Notes: What will the peace lovers do in Euroland? Welcome more illegal immigrants and stay silent as their government continues to war in the middle east creating even more refugees to flood Europe. Just like the United States. This is all by design to destroy what little is left of the Christian nations.

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UK Judge Rules Boy Must Be Taught in Islamic School Despite Father’s Objections to Mother’s Wishes

WEB Notes: This is the world we and our children our inheriting. When you kick your Father out of your life and country, this is what happens.

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