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Date: March 23, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: James 1:12

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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US military helping US backed forces in fight for Tabqa Dam in Syria

WEB Notes: They have now given the “good terrorists” an official name, a couple of names from reading this. Yet none of these terrorists are truly organized enough to meet Assad in order to negotiate a new Syrian Constitution. Why negotiate when the proxy armies of the West are closing in on victory…

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Renters Now Rule Half of U.S. Cities

WEB Notes: This is not the new American Dream, it is the new American reality as jobs continue to dry up and more illegal immigrants and legal immigrants alike move into the United States.

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London attack: Four dead in Westminster terror attack

WEB Notes: What did they expect? The West is destroying the middle east and blindly allowed refugees or better called illegal immigrants into their nations. Would you be happy if someone was blowing up your state and left you with nothing? Then mix in true terrorists who are mostly proxy armies and you have a recipe for disaster. A recipe created by the children of Satan.

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EU Official: We’ll Force Members To Accept Refugees

WEB Notes: Force the nations against their will. They should have thought about that before they signed up for the EU. It is obvious the West is the cause of the catastrophe in the middle east and that is the obvious cause of the people fleeing that location. This is a self created crisis and this guy is going to force the nations, the citizens of those nations to accept even more refugees. This is all by design to destroy the rest of the West while destroying the middle east at the same time. This is setting the stage for the new world order government. You can read more about this in our study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

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Americans Are Dying With an Average of $62K of Debt

WEB Notes: How sad is that? In debt all of your days working until the very end. It used to be that folks worked for 30-40 years and then hung up their hats with a nice nest egg to use to go places and see things and pass a little on to their families. Today? Not so much. Instead we have to spend, spend, spend. We need that new shiny car or truck, maybe a new RV even though our old one works fine. In today’s age a high tech phone costs $800 bucks when we used to get them for “free”. Going into debt and paying interest is a horrible thing. About the only debt I can possibly justify is home debt and even then it should be paid off as fast as possible. At least with a home over time it will increase in value. But as we see from this article home owners were dying with 50k plus in home debt. Too many people over the years have used their homes as an ATM card to go buy a bunch of junk with their equity. That is not what it is for. Stop enslaving yourselves and learn to live with less and be free.

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No Other Choice: Greek Employees Agree to Get Paid With Coupons

WEB Notes: No, the Greece crisis never went away, the mainstream media just has us all focused on terrorism and trump sideshow antics and wire tapping stories. Getting paid in coupons, this sounds like the days of the ol coal miners. Something else I want to point out. The alternative media was running headlines a year or two back about some “pastors prophecy” that when the Greece crisis happened the end was about to transpire. Well here we are a few years down the road now and hey, we are still in the flesh. I saw another article headline the other day blabbering on about the same sort of thing. I have to ask. Is it that difficult to open your Father’s Letter and read it to see what He said? I guarantee you His Word’s never fail, unlike men’s.

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1 in 4 believe robots would make better politicians

WEB Notes: Have people lost all sense of understanding and logic? Do they think robots are a new bred of people? Robots are machines for heavens sake. They are programmed to do what they do by people. So do they honestly believe the politician who makes the deal with the robot manufacture will ensure all the robots can never be compromised to make a sinful choice? Of course not. People are so desperate for honesty and a change from what we have today they irrationally consider other choices. It really is a shame, but the children of Satan will and do take advantage of this and you can see how easily it will be when it is time for them to get their new world order government.

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Death Rates Rise for Wide Swath of White Adults, Study Finds

WEB Notes: I am sure it is more than just Caucasian people who are seeing a rise in death rates. Look at the food we eat today. Go ahead, go into your cabinet and read one of the boxes. Our ancestors ate food that was grown in a field not food we consume today that has been processed and preserved. Many live in cities which offer plenty of pollution to suck into your lungs and most people willingly accept vaccinations that they do not understand.

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West Mosul displacement surges 22% amid ongoing coalition offensive – UN

The total number of displaced civilians in the western part of the Iraqi city of Mosul has increased 22 percent week-on-week as Iraqi forces keep battling Islamic State militants, the United Nations says.

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