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Date: March 25, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: 1 John 1:9

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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As Poverty Level Rises Nearly 50% Of Babies Born on Medicaid, 8% Rise In Just Two Years

WEB Notes: This article explains the dramatic rise in Medicaid supported births, but does not explain why. We learn more from which states, “All pregnant women with incomes below 133 percent of the federal poverty level, just below $15,300 for an individual, are eligible for Medicaid, and many states provide coverage to women earning well above that amount.

So we can see Medicaid is paying for the births as the mother is unable too (Where are the fathers?). So we can see from 2008 to 2010 a rise of nearly 8% in births paid for by the government as the woman fall far below the poverty level. This is yet another sign the economy is not getting better, but far worse.

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Wal-Mart, PepsiCo and Dish pull YouTube ads over hateful videos

WEB Notes: Of course and Google/YouTube will be forced to remove this so called hateful content from their site. This seems like big news, these large corporations are attempting to force a company to change their policy towards your speech. How did these companies get so big? By your wallet. You purchase their products everyday. So stop purchasing them and see how quickly they will change their tune. You have the power, you just do not realize it.

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The Real Reason Governments are Blaming Youtube for Terrorism

Ban all the things, and when we all live in padded prison cells, we will be safe from terrorists!

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High School Rapists Entered U.S. as Unaccompanied Alien Children, Lived in Sanctuary County

WEB Notes: My question always remains. Where are the men? Where are the other boys that attend this school when we hear about this sort of thing? This filth takes place in their countries all the time. It should not be acceptable in any nation period!

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The US Is Bombing Syria So Much That Watchdogs Can’t Keep Up

Allegations of civilian casualties as a result of United States coalition airstrikes in Iraq and Syria have swelled so much since January that airstrike watchdog Airwars can’t keep track.

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Robots could take over 38% of U.S. jobs within about 15 years, report says

WEB Notes: Not “could,” they are every single day as automation continues to advance. Automation and robotics are not evil in of themselves, it is the men who control these things that can make them perform evil tasks. But looking at the advancement of technology it makes you wonder how long the world will continue to look as it does today. It will be dramatically different in just 10 years than it is today.

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China Vice Premier Sees `Unstoppable Momentum’ of Globalization

WEB Notes: Contrary to some reports, globalization is alive and well. It will be reformed when the world merges into a truly new world order government ruled by Ten Clay Kings.

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GOP Health Bill Fails

WEB Notes: Now let me see. I recall hearing from coast to coast that with an all Republican House, Senate and President they would be able to accomplish whatever they wanted and what is “best” for the American people. Well that went down in flames and no one even knew the details to begin with. What did Nanci Pelosi say, I mean Paul Ryan? ‘If We Don’t Pass My Bill, ‘The System Is Going To Collapse’‘ Fear and terror, yet the sun came out today and things are looking okay. Imagine that.

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