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GOP leaders boost pressure as health bill crunch time nears

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WEB Notes: They have no time to lose? Who benefits from this bill Americans or the government? The same government who will no doubt opt out if the benefits are not good enough for them, but you on the other hand will not have such luxuries.

President Donald Trump and House leaders are revving up pressure on balky conservatives and other Republican lawmakers as crunch time approaches on the party’s health care overhaul bill, a drive GOP leaders concede they can’t afford to lose.

A day before the House planned votes on the measure, Trump was expected to continue hunting support for what would be a significant achievement for his young presidency. But underscoring the bill’s uncertain fate, a senior administration official said that 20 to 25 House Republicans remained opposed or undecided. That’s a grave figure since united Democratic opposition means the measure crashes if 22 GOP lawmakers vote “no.”

Source: GOP leaders boost pressure as health bill crunch time nears – ABC

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