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Illegal Immigrants: 62% Use Welfare Programs, 86% Have Child In The Home And It Is How They Obtain Access To Programs

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Illegal Immigration 62% Use Welfare Programs

Illegal Immigration 62% Use Welfare Programs – Source: CIS

WEB Notes: Remove access to these programs for illegal immigrants and they will deport themselves. Many would love to take advantage of the free gravy train. Let us all use common sense. If someone else is going to pay the bill most people will go all out, but if you have to foot the bill then suddenly we see people tighten their grip on their money no matter the circumstances. People leave Mexico for many reasons, but we do not need to offer to support their families. If they would like to come here legally and try and make their way like the rest of us, then they are welcome in a controlled manner.

Source: Center for Immigration Studies

  • Turning to households headed by immigrants in the country illegally, we estimate that 62 percent used one or more welfare programs in 2012, compared to 30 percent of native households.
  • Households headed by immigrants illegally in the country have higher use rates than native households overall and for food programs (57 percent vs. 22 percent) and Medicaid (51 percent vs. 23 percent). Use of cash programs by illegal immigrants is lower than use by natives (5 percent vs. 10 percent), as is use of housing programs (4 percent vs. 6 percent).
  • There is a child present in 86 percent of illegal immigrant households using welfare, and this is the primary way that these households access programs.
  • Of illegal immigrant households with children, 87 percent access one or more welfare programs compared to 52 percent of native households.

This report is a companion to a recent report published by the Center for Immigration Studies looking at welfare use by all immigrant households, based on Census Bureau data. This report separates legal and illegal immigrant households and estimates welfare use using the same Census Bureau data as that study. This analysis shows that legal immigrant households make extensive use of most welfare programs, while illegal immigrant households primarily benfit from food programs and Medicaid through their U.S.-born children. Low levels of education — not legal status — is the main reason immigrant welfare use is high.

In terms of the share of immigrant households using welfare, households headed by legal immigrants account for most program use. Of all immigrant households (legal and illegal) using one or more welfare programs, legal immigrants account for 75 percent of the total. Of immigrant households using cash, 92 percent are headed by legal immigrants, as are 71 percent of households using food assistance, 74 percent using Medicaid, and 87 percent in public or subsidized housing. This should not be surprising as households headed by legal immigrants account for 79 percent of all immigrant households in the SIPP.

It is fair to say that efforts to curtail immigrant welfare use have not been particularly effective given the high welfare use of legal and illegal immigrants despite all of the restrictions on immigrant welfare use that are in place. Any suggestion that such costs can be avoided in the future by new legislation should be met with significant skepticism. Politically and practically it is difficult to prevent low-income people from accessing these programs once they have been allowed into the country. Further, the results indicate that knowledge of how to navigate the welfare system is extensive in immigrant communities and no change in the law would change this reality.

Source: Center for Immigration Studies

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  1. There is a simple solution…repeal the 14th amendment!! If one if the parents is not a citizen/permanent resident, the child should be the nationality of one of the parents. These people are abusing our national goodwill and generositywith this loophole, collecting benefits on behalf of their “anchor children”. If these kids are not made automatic citizens, then this gravy train and incentives to come illegally stop! Most other Westernized countries have already wised up…Canada and the US are the only SUCKERS left allowing anchor babies. People can’t go to Mexico, plop out a kid and that kid is an automatic Mexican! Why should we keep giving away to foreigners when we are neglecting our own? As they say when on a plane with a child, put the oxygen mask on YOURSELF first!!

  2. But if they “Self deport”, won’t the 1 percent and CNN executives lose a source of tax free cheap labor???

    How many CNN executives vote for 15 bucks an hour for McDonalds employees and then pay 6 bucks an hour to an illegal immigrant???? I think most of them do?

  3. Alleged Comment

    March 27, 2017 at 8:34 PM

    THESE people have their own countries. Why are they coming here?? Let them sort their own problems over there.

  4. & this is 2012!! Think of what TODAYS stats are. Insanity.

  5. ILLEGAL immigrants (with or without children), should NEVER receive WELFARE benefits in any way, shape or form in the U.S.A. If they wish to gain “entitlements” then they should
    go through the complete process of becoming LEGAL Americans, abiding by all the laws that legal Americans are required to do. . .and conform to our culture as well. . .AND, by giving up their citizenship to any other foreign country.

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