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Ryan Warns: If We Don’t Pass My Bill, ‘The System Is Going to Collapse’

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WEB Notes: This guy sounds like ol Nancy Pelosi, what did she say? “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it”. Politicans are always concerned about “getting something done” and that always means passing more laws that negate your freedoms. How about they get something done by removing the laws? That probably would not work out for most of these guys, then they would not have any pork (barrel) to enjoy from all the hidden provisions within their bills.

Casting his ObamaCare replacement bill as the only chance to save America from a complete health-care collapse, Speaker Paul Ryan Sunday countered his conservative critics who say the bill fails to make good on Republicans’ promise to repeal ObamaCare.

“Understand the speaker’s plan doesn’t repeal ObamaCare,” a member of the House Republicans’ Freedom Caucus, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), said Sunday. “Even Charles Krauthammer said that, called it ObamaCare Lite, as you said earlier. It doesn’t bring down premiums and it doesn’t unite Republicans. So, why not do what we all voted for just 15 months ago, clean repeal, and then get focused and build some momentum to actually replace ObamaCare with something that’s going to bring down costs?”

Source: Ryan Warns: If We Don’t Pass My Bill, ‘The System Is Going to Collapse’ :: Grabien News

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  1. Whenever these politicians start using a lot of hyperbole to pass a bill you know it’s not good. “Collapse”? Give me a break Mr. Ryan. You are part of the problem, not the solution! They sell this by telling us they want to repeal and replace. Replace with what? How about just repeal. Not gonna happen. When they increase a tax or pass a law they will never reverse course. Ryan’s rendition is not better than Obamacare. They will claim to save the taxpayers money by eliminating the individual mandate but they replaced this with a 30% premium spike for anyone with a lapse in coverage, although we don’t know how long this lapse is. So, yes they replaced the penalty with a premium increase so what’s the difference? Oh yeah, no changes for companies and the expensive administrative burden to meet the ACA reporting requirements. This new legislation also provides states with $100 BILLION over a decade to help lower income people afford insurance. So if they can’t afford premiums now they probably don’t have coverage which means their premiums will increase 30%. So now the states will use federal money to help these folks pay the inflated rate. Man o man I need to stop….my head is spinning.

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