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Trump Is Dragging Us Into Another War… And No One Is Talking About It

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WEB Notes: This is the typical non-sense that comes from liberals. obama started this war long ago and trump is simply taking the handoff and escalating it. They both are to blame here and it is dishonest to say otherwise.

Quietly, while Americans have been focused on the ongoing drama over repealing the Affordable Care Act and the new revelations about the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, President Trump has been busy dramatically expanding the American troop presence inside Syria. And virtually no one in Washington has noticed. Americans have a right to know what Trump is planning and whether this will lead to an Iraq-style occupation of Syria for years to come.

Without any official notification, Trump sent 500 new American troops into Syria, ostensibly to take part in the upcoming assault on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. News reports suggest this deployment may just be the tip of the iceberg, with some saying that the plan is for hundreds more American troops to be added to the fight in the coming weeks. No one actually knows how many troops are inside Syria now, because the administration has largely tried to keep the build-up a secret.

Source: Trump Is Dragging Us Into Another War… And No One Is Talking About It | The Huffington Post

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  1. Ok, maybe, just maybe, when forming our battle plans, if they leave the Press out of the loop thus preventing them from blabbing all our strategies all over the public news and NET, then, maybe, just maybe, we might finally win our wars. LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS!!!!

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