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Date: April 8, 2017

‘Why would Assad attack civilians not military? It’s simply irrational’ – U.S. Senator

WEB Notes: It is good to see someone in government still has a little common sense left. Listen to the first 2.5 minutes at least. In other news ol trump defends his decision not to destroy the Syrian airfield, let’s hear it form him.

“The reason you don’t generally hit runways is that they are easy and inexpensive to quickly fix (fill in and top)!” the commander-in-chief tweeted.

I am glad he was able to “tweet” that message out to all his fans. Meanwhile RT reports that only 23 of the 59 cruise missiles actually hit their targets. Either the US military is suddenly inept or they never even landed 23 of those missiles on that base. No Syrian fighters should be able to take off. I am not for the strike, just nothing is adding up.

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Russia ‘one step from war’ with U.S. after Syria airstrike

WEB Notes: Are you all enjoying the grand show being played out before your eyes? I hope you have plenty of popcorn. I have found those air poppers do a fantastic job and nothing beats real butter.

In another article ol putin says the US is displaying aggression on a sovereign nation. Exactly what did he think the US has been doing all of these years? Playing footsie? Hopefully everyone remembers putin telling us how he knows the West is funding the terrorists, yet he continues to work with the West. Why? Russia, like China, the US and the other major nations of the world all belong to the current global structure which is controlled by the children of Satan. All of these nations have their financial systems wrapped together with the IMF and BIS which is the central bank of the entire world. The children of Satan do not need Russia and the US to duke it out.

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U.S. aircraft carrier heads back to Korean peninsula

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson strike group is heading back to the waters east of the Korean peninsula after completing a port visit to Singapore. The carrier and three other ships will head there as tensions remain high about North Korean missile tests and a possible underground nuclear test.

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Target Stock Continues to Tumble Year After Company Went Public With Restroom Policy

WEB Notes: Keep it up America. Refuse to shop at Target at least as long as they keep this policy in place and I would encourage it indefinitely. They should have never done this to begin with. If you do not shop there they will go out of business. You have the power of money in your pocket. Exercise it. We cannot change many things in this world, but this is one you can.

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Syrian warplanes take off from airbase targeted by US cruise missiles just hours later

WEB Notes: So much for “completely destroyed”. If 59 cruise missiles did not destroy this base, then they did not hit their target or 59 were never launched.

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Neil Gorsuch Confirmed to Supreme Court By Senate

Second Opinion From Doctor Nets Different Diagnosis 88% Of Time, Study Finds

WEB Notes: They call it a “practice” for a reason folks. These are the same people urging you to go out and inject all of these vaccines into your body as well. You just might want to perform some due diligence before doing that to you and your family.

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Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons

WEB Notes: We covered the US allegations of Syria using chemical weapons back in 2013 quite a bit. You can check our archives for that. Here is a report stating ISIS used chemical weapons in Syria. It is common sense if the US and other Global Powers are funding ISIS and “rebel” groups then they are training them. The media has reported on these things in the past and then they pull their articles. So be it, common sense should rule the day.

Something else we all should recall from 2013 is the peace deal that was signed. Remember, the US used the same narrative, that Syria used chemical weapons on the people. Many wrongly believed world war 3 was about to be unleashed. Then the US story fell a part, but not before peace which said Assad had to allow the UN into his nation and remove all chemical weapons. That already happened and the facilities that produced them were decommissioned which was all overseen by the UN. So how would it be possible to create new facilities to produce more chemical weapons? Obviously we once again have another lie by the government being peddled in order to promote war with Syria once again. Same old song.

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US preparing new sanctions against Syria

WEB Notes: This administration is full of madmen. There is no proof Assad used chemical weapons against his people. Rather the reports show that the rebels were manufacturing chemical weapons.

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ISIL launches offensive near military base targeted by US missiles

WEB Notes: Capitalized? Is there any reason to believe this was not a coordinated attack?

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Despite U.S. missile barrage, Syria continues airstrikes against rebels

WEB Notes: What is Syria supposed to do lay down their arms and let the terrorists who are funded by the globalists win? Of course Syria is going to fight back. This is why we saw the US intervene stronger than ever yesterday. The proxy war they have going with Syria through the use of terrorists (paid mercenaries) is taking far too long for the children of Satan and it needs to be rushed along.

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Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 5:10

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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