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Date: April 12, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Arch of Baal Unveiled In Italy For G7 Meeting

WEB Notes: We discussed this last year in an article titled, “The Temple of Baal Comes To The United States” and documented how this “arch” is going to be displayed in countries around the world and that has been occurring ever since. This is not a symbol of righteousness, but a symbol of wickedness and sin.

The display of this arch along with everything else going on shows the dramatic escalation in wickedness in our world. 2017 can already be defined as the year of escalation with the events unfolding in Syria and around North Korea.

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Bible Verse of the Day: Luke 9:23-24

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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China Threatens To Bomb North Korea’s Nuclear Facilities If It Crosses Beijing’s “Bottom Line”

WEB Notes: We were just talking about this the other day. China has already deployed 150,000 troops in case the US strikes North Korea to deal with potential refugees. Multiple meetings have now taken place between China and the US. Meanwhile, an Armada of US ships are headed toward North Korea. I believe this is an unprecedented move. In the past ships have been in the area, but never this scale. Now China is threatening their “alley” North Korea with war if they do not conform to their rules. In the past China always stood by North Korea, but you can tell this time it has been different with little to no comment from China until now. Why? Simple. China is a part of the global financial system, they are controlled by the children of Satan through that system while North Korea is not. North Korea like, Syria and Iran must come into line with that globalist system. All over the globe at this time we see a dramatic escalation in world events.

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North Korea warns of nuclear strike if provoked; Trump ‘armada’ steams on

WEB Notes: What else is the North Korean dictator going to say? An Armada of high tech war ships are headed his way and he cannot even launch a rocket off the ground. North Korea has no nukes and if they did they would blow up on the launch pad and ruin his own country. The world is being setup for another war. It is always the US and other Global Powers telling us how dangerous someone is while they bomb other nations.

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China will get better U.S. trade deal if it solves North Korea problem

WEB Notes: This is like the mafia. ‘See guys, you take out Tony and the boys downtown and we’ll make it good for you’s guys.’

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In surprise move, Iran’s Ahmadinejad to run for president

WEB Notes: Talk about a perfect setup. They called this guy “the hitler of our time” years ago in efforts to demonize him. Of course “jews” actually meet with and presented him with honors for his respectful nature toward them. Of course you will not catch that on the mainstream media, as that is not a “fact approved” news story.

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US Navy SEALs who killed Bin Laden ‘target Kim Jong-un’

WEB Notes: Hey, maybe they will make another movie about it so America waves their flags in full support of more illegal activity.

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If It’s Hard To Imagine A Day Without Your Phone, You Need To Do It

WEB Notes: Technology is a great thing, however I do not believe it brings people closer together. At least the facebook, twitter’s etc. That actually divides, because we simply send a message of “care” to our friend. Hey its quick and easy and we can send those out to more people to cover more ground. But is that really a friendship? A friendship is when you actually talk to a real person. When you have them over for a BBQ and catch up. Not sending a message via your phone.

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United CEO Oscar Munoz felt ‘shame’ to see passenger dragged off flight

WEB Notes: The CEO felt shame because it made the news, he had no shame before until he was pressed. So the man who was removed from the plane paid for his ticket. The airline simply needed to add on four crew members and the passenger did not volunteer to leave the airliner and take another flight so he became “volun-told” and removed from the plane. This is a real outrage and shows the lack of respect for customers. This story is really unbelievable, but in this day and age it is no surprise.

Matthew 24:12
 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

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Google Putting CNN, Washington Post, NYT in Charge of Fact-Checking News

WEB Notes: So now the mainstream media will become the authority for thought. This is an obvious move to label the alternative media as false news. Everyone who plays the facebook and twitter game should be sharing this with their family and friends in outrage. Never, ever let someone else do your thinking for you. We do not need someone to tell us what is true or not. The mainstream media constantly lies to the public and puts forward false narratives like what we see taking place in Syria today.

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ACLU Transgender Lawsuit Seeks To Force Wisconsin Taxpayers To Pay For Genital Mutilation

WEB Notes: Has everyone gone and lost their minds? Unfortunately, tax payers are already paying for things like this. In case anyone needed a reminder, our Father is not okay with this.

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Chinese firm halves worker costs by hiring army of robots to sort out 200,000 packages a day

A viral video showing an army of little orange robots sorting out packages in a warehouse in eastern China is the latest example of how machines are increasingly taking over menial factory work on the mainland.

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