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Date: April 16, 2017

Lawmakers across US move to include young people in voting

WEB Notes: Reduce the voting age to 17? Are they kidding. The people of age are already out of touch with reality, that is all we need, more indoctrinated children voting that have zero life experience. Not that it really matters in the end.

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Christian Couple Who Refused to Teach Easter Bunny Is Real Loses Foster Children

WEB Notes: What has the world come too? If this really turns out to be accurate this agency needs to be done away with. You have a family who is willing to take on foster children and this is what they get? Even in the US, once you become a foster parent the government is then a part of your life. They make it very difficult for those who wish to help the children.

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Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 13:8

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Trump ‘Will Take Action’ To End North Korea “Threat” And Is ‘Ready To Strike Their Nuclear Sites’

WEB Notes: This situation continues to escalate despite the fact that North Korea’s latest rocket blew up seconds after launch. They have a lot of problems on the rocketry side of the house, but hey they have nuclear weapons claim some in the US government, but then the White House says they do not have nuclear weapons. None the less, Trump says, he is ‘ready to strike the nuclear sites’ of North Korea that really do not exist. It continues to be reported that China is working with the US on this issue. Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster said, “I think there’s an international consensus now, including the Chinese and the Chinese leadership, that this is a situation that just can’t continue.”

North Korea and China have always been allies, but apparently it is time to shift to the next phase of globalism. You are either in or out and if you are out you literally are going to be booted from the nation as the leader. Lay all your political feelings aside, there is no time for that sort of thing. Use your spiritual eyes to discern right from wrong.

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WikiLeaks: The Afghan Tunnels The US Just Bombed — “They Were Built By The CIA”

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me the US government helps out the terrorists? Of course they do. This did not start with the Arab spring or ISIS. This has been going on for years and years. You manufacture an enemy so you can control the direction of them and make your true agenda that much easier to accomplish.

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Death toll from Aleppo bus convoy bomb attack at least 126 – Observatory

The death toll from a bomb attack on a crowded bus convoy outside Aleppo has reached at least 126 in the deadliest such incident in Syria in almost a year, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said on Sunday.
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US F-35 fighter jets arrive in Europe for the first time

WEB Notes: They have people sucked into this thought that Russia constantly wants to invade Europe. What a bunch of non-sense. Russia is already on board with the globalists folks. The real problem here is you and I. Most people like their country the way it is (was), they do not want to be a part of a global system. So they must keep the lie alive that Russia is the bad guy in all this. So this exercise is not to “deter” Russia, but continual practice drills for their war operations in the middle east. Take a look with your own eyes. Who is waring? Who is being attacked? The nations in the middle east who are the last few hold outs of the globalist system.

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Men Sue to Force University of Wisconsin to Provide Insurance Coverage for Sex Change Operations

The University of Wisconsin has been sued by two employees who are seeking to force the school to provide insurance coverage for sex change operations.

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Gaza’s sole power plant runs out of fuel

WEB Notes: Do you realize Israel has the largest blockade of any nation on the face of the earth? The people in Gaza are extremely poor and have their borders locked in on them on all sides. Now they have no fuel. Gaza is an extremely small place with no resources to speak of.

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Iran shows off its elusive new fighter jet – but not in flight

WEB Notes: How about that, a mini fighter jet that does not fly. This is the best piece of hardware I have seen so far from them, but had it been able to fly they surely would have displayed it. The Iranians are a proud people, but they need another 100 years to catch up.

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Netanyahu of Israel Explains He Has Known Jared Kushner Since He Was A Child

WEB Notes: In this video Bibi notes he has known Trump for many years and explains that he has known Jared Kushner since he was a child. Look at the 25:45 mark of the video.

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North Korea ‘attempts to launch missile but fails’

WEB Notes: This is exactly what we have been talking about. North Korea has a tough time even getting a rocket off the ground much less a nuclear one. North Korea is a manufactured threat. A reason needs to exist to attack them and bring them into the globalist system. We have seen the rhetoric ratchet up over the years and then simmer down. We will have to wait and see this time, but know that is the reason for them to be in the news.

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