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Date: April 23, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

US Tells North Korea To Cease ‘Destabilizing Actions And Rhetoric’

WEB Notes: Is this the comedy hour staring the US government? “We call on (North Korea) to refrain from provocative, destabilizing actions and rhetoric,” said Pentagon spokesman Gary Ross. Hey Gar, the last time we checked it was the ol US that had an “Armada” off the coast of North Korea.

These guys are going back and forth like a bunch of children. Have you ever been “lucky” enough to be on one of those email chains at work where someone replies all and someone else replies all back saying, “stop replying to all”? On and on it goes and you just think to yourself when will it stop! That’s about how I feel with North Korea and the US at this point. These things must be He said and so they will.

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Le Pen faces Macron in final round of French presidential election

WEB Notes: Yes, yes we know. “Populism” won. When the children of Satan do your candidate selections you never win. Most of us have realized that with our new President and of course it is our Father who ultimately selects the candidate to fulfill His Will.

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Bible Verse of the Day: Romans 14:11

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Grab Your Pitchforks, America, Your 401(K) May Need Defending from Congress

WEB Notes: So now the government wants to come after what little bit you have left. Yes, the Republican and Democrat vermin that you voted for. “Make America Great Again” went out with a whimper, as the sound of a ballon slowly releasing the air.

Government officials receive fantastic benefits, but apparently you are keeping too much of the money you earned and they want a bigger cut. Tax cuts? Give me a break. Remember, 40% of you have saved nothing for retirement and they want even more.

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Israel said to strike pro-Assad forces in Syria, killing 3

An Israeli attack on a Syrian camp for pro-government forces killed three fighters near the Golan Heights on Sunday, an official from the forces said.

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Charlie Daniels – An Open Letter to Politicians: You Have Completely Forgotten About We the People

This is an open letter to Democrats, Republicans, independents, liberals, conservatives and every other ilk of politician who is elected by the votes of Americans.

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UN and World Bank sign new partnership to build resilience for the most vulnerable

WEB Notes: Globalism continues to dig in. The global financial system has never helped a nation, they have only enslaved them to further debt.

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More Top Execs Fired at Financially Troubled Target Corp.

WEB Notes: Good. They never had revenue problems until they decided to play the bathroom game. Now they can pay for pushing that trash on the rest of us. Regardless if they change course on that, my family will never, ever shop at a Target store again. Changing course would only be to save their own skin.

They need to be made an example for every business out there pushing the homosexual agenda. If you the citizen of your respective nation stopped supporting companies that push these agenda’s we would wipe them out that fast. They are in it for money people and if you take your money else where they will go out of business. Simple economics.

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French voters cast ballots in tight presidential election

French voters cast ballots Sunday in a tight presidential election that is a major test of the strength of a continent-wide backlash against Muslim immigration, European unity and security in the wake of a terror attack in the heart of Paris.

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Number of people collecting unemployment checks hits 17-year low, jobless claims show

WEB Notes: So when we saw these headlines under Obama the people said it was a lie. But today they are real, isn’t that interesting how that works. In other news 94 million Americans are still not in the work force. You do the math. Obviously these unemployed people who are not counted feel off the tally.

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Over 150 ‘Queer’ UMC Clergy Sign Letter Demanding LGBT Ordination

WEB Notes: Obviously they are “clergy” for Satan. You cannot be a man or woman of Jehovah our Father and surround yourself in this type of sin much less promote it.

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40% Of Americans Have Nothing Saved For Retirement

WEB Notes: It is a real sad state of affairs. There are many reasons for it; cost of living, broken families, poor planning and list goes on and on. In today’s world it takes two working in the house just to get by without eating noodles much less save for retirement. More and more people have to work until the day they die. Even when we own our homes we still have a tax to pay. This is not what our Father intended for His People.

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