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65% of Americans Lose Sleep Over Money Issues, Worse Than Before The Great Recession

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WEB Notes: I was always taught growing up if you do not have the cash you do not need it. In the age of iDevices people are spending money they do not have like never before. Today, cell phones cost $800 bucks, but don’t worry. We will finance that guy for you right on your phone bill. Hey it’s only another 30 bucks a month. This is how we go into debt and this is why many will literally never stop working until they drop dead. We live in sad times and while the odds are stacked against us, we need to take accountability and make the right choices in life. Just because everyone else is doing it or has it does not mean you need to.

Americans are more stressed than ever — and for most of them, their bank accounts are to blame.

The majority of Americans (65%) are losing sleep over money issues, according to a new study from — up from 56% in 2007. The most common stressor is health care or insurance bills at 38%, followed by saving for retirement at 37%. “What people worry about most changed quite a bit in the past year,” Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst at said. “Health care has been such a hot button issue for so long, and whether it’s around the election or just about the cost of maintaining your own health care, we’ve seen a big jump in worrying about that.” (Health care was a factor for just 29% of respondents in 2016.)

In addition to health care and retirement, 34% worry the most over educational expenses, 26% about mortgage bills, and 22% due to credit-card debt. Shulz said the share of people who cited credit card debt as the most preoccupying has fallen in recent years, showing despite the fact that credit card debt is hitting record highs, it is the least of consumers’ worries. They may have cause for the lack of sleep: Credit-debt surged passed the $1 trillion mark, according to Federal Reserve data released earlier this month.

Source: America’s insomnia problem is even worse than before the Great Recession – MarketWatch

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  1. True words, Brandon! This is a topic that has always been very near and dear to me. It amazes me how many of our adults today have no clue about personal finances. It’s 2nd grade math! Everything is easily financed and as long as they can afford the payment who cares. The reality is that with all these payments they will never have any positive cash flow to pay off this debt, save for rainy day or retirement. You mention “budget” and they get all offended. In our house we call it a “spending plan”. We tell our money where to go before the month begins instead of wondering where it went at the end of the month. Their eyes glaze over when I explain this and I just shake my head. I’m sure our tax dollars will have to support them later in life because they failed to plan. I guess they are victims (sarcasm inserted).

    • That sounds about right to me Eagle. Something else I have found is people think they spend their money wisely. But they are the same folks buying coffee at popular places for $3-5 each working morning. Do the math that’s $60-100 a month on morning coffee or $720-1200 a year.

      Hey if you can afford it there is no issue there. But don’t complain about not having money and say you budget if you fit that mold.

      • Very true. Actually this topic was discussed in a finance book I read. The author labeled it “The Latte Factor”. The idea is people spend so much on little things that when its all added up, they’ve spent a fortune. Their financial boat has so many small holes and they cannot bail it out fast enough. Once people put their spending on paper and take a look at it they soon realize the waste. It’s almost like getting an instant raise.
        Great discussion sir!

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