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North Korea’s Missiles Are Bent

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WEB Notes: The article goes on to say how the bent nose cone which you can see an image of at the source is not proof it is a fake rocket. Well common sense then would dictate it is not proof it is real either. A rocket with a bent cone like that would never fly. Common sense tells us if you cannot affix a cone of the rocket properly what else is wrong?

North Korea showed off its collection of rockets and ballistic missiles during a military parade Saturday, but some observers claimed the missiles were fake.

One image in particular is circulating the internet as proof. The image shows a missile with a “bent nose cone,” suggesting the weapon is a cheap replica of the real thing.

Source: Don’t Underestimate North Korea’s Missiles | The Daily Caller

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  1. Seriously, I am not into war games, but I honestly know the Russians design things differently. During the Vietnam War the North Vietnamese had Russian tanks that were designed to continue running even if the driver was killed. Unlike the American tanks that the driver needed to continue to press the gas for motion, if the driver was killed end of story. North Korea is allied with Russia, so big ? mark. Mainstream media just keep people on edge.
    Thanks, Brandon

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