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Date: May 6, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: James 5:16

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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More On Trump’s “Interfaith” Gathering at the White House

WEB Notes: We discussed this yesterday in our notes from a perspective of our rights. Today, we are going to look at this article from another perspective.

Notice, this was an “interfaith event“. Christians, Jews, Muslims and Sikh’s were present and if you read some of Trump’s quotes below he harps on “people of faith“. This has become a catch phrase that used to reference Christians, but now encompasses everyone. If you want to worship a rock, cow or some other false god, more power to you. But do not tie heathen worshippers in with Our Father Jehovah and call them “people of faith“. “Faith” in what? “Believers” of what? A rock? A cow? A sheep to forgive sin?

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“No Fly” Zones Implemented In Syria Essentially Protect Terrorists Via Russia, Iran and Turkey Deal

WEB Notes: AlJazeera news explains how there are terrorist forces inside these “four zones” that fall under the no fly zone. So “terrorists” or better said, the paid mercenaries of Global Powers will now have safe havens where Assad’s forces cannot reach them by air. Meanwhile, Russsia, the United States and other nations will continue to bomb Syria.

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Couple Turns Their Unwanted Embryos Into Jewelry

>WEB Notes: This is heathenism. There is no excuse for it and it only denotes how little value human life has for people.

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Tennessee School District Temporarily Halts Bible Club Following Complaint From Atheist Activist Group

WEB Notes: The school district should not halt anything especially a Bible class over an atheist. If you are an atheist, look, we can still be friends. If you do not like the Bible class then start an atheist class. I will not like it, but it is within your rights to do so. It is no ones right to take away my rights or my fellow citizens.

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Sacramento Allocates Taxpayer Money to Fight Illegal Immigrant Deportations

WEB Notes: Sacramento breaks the law is what the headline should read. Taking taxpayer dollars and using them to bring in illegal immigrants… The only reason for that is to destroy this nation. You MUST have controlled immigration or your culture goes away. Go to parts of Los Angeles and it is hardly recognizable as a US city. Help more illegal immigrants so they can incite violence like this boy.

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Illegal Immigrant Student Suggests Attacking White People

WEB Notes: Another “internet tough guy”. When you become a lawless nation as the United States has you start to let in trash like this boy. He is an illegal immigrant, but allowed to come into this nation and receive a college education and he wants to beat the “S” out of white people? Has the child lost his mind? I know there are many other Mexican people who abhor this boys words and they are good people who were either born here or came here legal. They are our neighbors and friends and we love them. You need to enforce the laws of the land or your nations culture vanishes and by this boys statements you can see that has already happened. Have you read the curses of Deuteronomy 28 lately? You might want to read it again around verse 43.

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What the Layoffs at Ford’s Medium-Duty Truck Plant Mean

These particular layoffs aren’t happening because consumers are strung out and have trouble getting financing or are switching down to used vehicles or whatever. They’re happening because demand from commercial customers that ply their trade in the real economy is slumping.

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Puerto Rico to shut 179 schools, relocate 27k students amid historic bankruptcy

WEB Notes: The article notes how 446,000 people have left Puerto Rico between 2005-2015. Note, the US has been providing this nation with citizenship so they all come here. The destruction of this (US) nation has been steadily marching forward for a very long time.

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Navy Seal Killed in Somalia in First U.S. Combat Death There Since 1993

WEB Notes: How can people honestly believe sending our men and woman to die in foreign lands protects our freedom? Does everyone really believe that line still?

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Eating bogies is good for teeth and overall health, scientists conclude 

WEB Notes: Has the world gone crazy? Your nose is a filter, you do not eat from a filter. A filter collects the trash. You do not remove the filter from your vacuum cleaner, pour some hot sauce on it and chow down.

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