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Date: May 13, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Proverbs 31:30

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Arizona radio station defends public service broadcast on how to hide child pornography

WEB Notes: “CAVE FM”. People like this have to hide in Caves to cover their wickedness. Anyone who listens to this radio station should shut it off. Continuing to listen makes you a part of their deed (2 John 1:1). These are the little steps that we see and without opposition this will become legal in 10-20 years.

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Court Rules Kentucky Print Shop Has Right to Avoid Making Gay Pride T-shirts

A Kentucky appellate court on Friday ruled that the Christian owner of a printing shop in Lexington had the right to refuse to make T-shirts promoting a local gay pride festival.

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Ransomware Cyber Attack Using NSA Tools Hits Russian Government, Global Firms and Hospitals

WEB Notes: The hack affected 99 countries and over 100,000 computers. Notice, this hack occurred due to a “NSA tool”. So who actually did the hacking then?

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Donald Trump Backslides on Campaign Promise To Curb Legal Immigration

WEB Notes: No wall. No enforcement of laws that already exist to stop ILLEGAL immigration and another broken promise. He wants to keep importing a million LEGAL immigrants into this nation a year. You cannot do that and keep your country, we have said this over and over again. Trump is a part of the problem. He is “insourcing” your jobs away to foreigners. America you have been betrayed, but what else is new?

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Tennessee Enacts Nation’s ‘Most Comprehensive’ Campus Free Speech Law

Tennessee became one of the first states on Tuesday to pass legislation designed to stem the assault on free speech at its public universities.

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Intel Report: Iran Refining Nuke Delivery System in Flagrant Violation of Ban

WEB Notes: The US and Israel always make these claims and then the IAEA comes out and tells us Iran has not done anything like this in 20-30 years. The US is out for blood, Iran’s blood. All they need to do is keep pumping out articles like this and the people will believe Iran is a threat and they will support an attack against them.

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North Korea Open To Talks With Trump

North Korea is willing to engage in talks with the U.S. under the right conditions, a senior North Korean diplomat revealed Saturday.

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Oklahoma House Declares Abortion ‘Murder’

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a resolution on May 8 declaring abortion to be murder and directing “every public official” in the state to use their authority “to stop the murder of innocent children by abortion.”

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Saudis reportedly plan to invest $40 billion in US infrastructure

WEB Notes: They are not doing it out of the kindness of their heart. This country has to auction itself off because they do not have the money to build their own infrastructure. You remember this day, a day when a “Republican” President auctioned more of America off. That is what this amounts too. If this nation was not policing the world, this would not be necessary. This is sad, real sad.

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