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Date: May 21, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Corinthians 1:10

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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U.S. deploys 2nd carrier to Korea as Chinese jets challenge ‘sniffer’ plane

Two Chinese fighter jets on May 17 conducted an intercept of a U.S. “sniffer” plane that is part of allied operations to counter the growing North Korean strategic threat.

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Confederate-Era Statue of Robert E. Lee Removed in New Orleans

WEB Notes: Watch this. This statues removal is such a prime example of what has happened to our nation. Right in plan sight for years and years they have removed our freedom and we said nothing. A few of us have, but not enough to make a difference. Now this statue iconic of our nations history is removed in plain slight and once again, not enough of us said anything to stop it. We live in sad times.

Venezuela anti-government unrest marks 50th day with huge marches

WEB Notes: This is not about an “unpopular” government. This is about a socialist government who is robing the people blind. You can push people along way, but there does come a breaking point and we are seeing it in Venezuela.

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US changes tactics against ISIS, working on plan with ‘enthusiastic’ Russians

WEB Notes: Over and over, on and on it goes. The US and Russians continue to work together in Syria. The goal is obviously not to destroy ISIS despite their claims. ISIS grows stronger, while Assad grows weaker and his country becomes ruins. That should tell you what is truly transpiring. Isaiah 17:1 is coming to pass, maybe not as fast as you think it should, but we are on His time.

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North Korea fires another ballistic missile

North Korea fired off its second missile test in a week on Sunday, sending a medium-range ballistic missile into the waters off its east coast, according to statements from the US, South Korean and Japanese governments.

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Kellogg’s Latest Mass Layoffs Hit Kansas City

The latest round of mass layoffs for cereal maker Kellogg’s has hit Kansas City, where nearly 200 workers will lose their jobs, the company says.

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