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Date: May 25, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: James 1:19

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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US Army Lost Track of $1 Billion Worth of Weapons and Equipment

WEB Notes: Some of this is actually old news. In 2015 we posted an article titled, “How ISIS Got Weaponized—–Iraqi “Army” Abandoned $1 billion Worth Of Humvees In Mosul & More“. This just goes to show you where the money has gone on top of all the other reports of the US funding “rebels” in Syria. Then we find out those rebels are working with ISIS. Surprise, surprise. This again is all by design to bring the nations like Syria and Iran who are not a part of the globalist structure into it. “Terror” groups like ISIS are simply proxy wars of Global Powers.

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Philippines army rescues 78 hostages, kills 13 ISIS-linked terrorists

At least seven soldiers and police officers were killed in the Philippines city of Marawi where government forces carried out an operation to rescue dozens of hostages held by Islamic State-linked terrorists, according to the army.

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Taiwan’s high court paves the way for same-sex marriage, a first in Asia

WEB Notes: The filth goes far and wide, world round it goes. This is yet another reason how we can identify that we live in the end times. This filth is not confined to just our nation, but the entire world is taking part in it and accepting it. Our Father never accepted it and neither should you. Family sticks together and God is in fact our closest family member.

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Two Arrested In Manchester As Bomb Unit Is Sent To College

Two men were arrested Thursday morning at separate locations in Manchester as police continue to carry out raids following Monday’s suicide attack.

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4 ISIS-linked terrorists plotting public transport attacks detained in Moscow

WEB Notes: Now ISIS is trying to attack the Russians. They even admit in this piece ISIS is running their operations from Syria. I find this so contradicting since that nation is being attacking by the Global Powers of our time. Yet, ISIS is still able to run pipeline networks to fund themselves. No one knows where the oil comes from, no one knows how it is trucked, refined and delivered to the customer, who the customer is or the transaction. How the money hits their account and how they spend it. Give me a break. The government can tell when you buy a piece of bubble gum but they cannot figure out how and where ISIS is running operations from? Further, our own government has admitted many times to being apart of the destabilization efforts in Syria by funding the “rebels” aka ISIS.

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Sears loss deepens as sales keep slipping

Sears continued to lose revenue and sales for yet another quarter.

The company has been shrinking its footprint of stores and borrowing millions to build up cash in the midst of a dramatically changed retail environment in which shoppers increasingly shop online.

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41,898: ICE Arrests Up 34.5% During Trump’s First 100 Days

WEB Notes: This is fluff news. What good is arresting illegals if you still provide other illegals with free tax payer funded social programs? What good is it if you just release them back onto the streets as was reported in the article titled, “ICE: Nearly 600 Illegals Convicted Of Sex Crimes Set Free

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New TSA procedures target electronics, food

WEB Notes: New terror attack equals more of your rights being removed. This is how today’s world operates. The world must be okay with it as very few of us ever protest the situation anymore.

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Kerry Takes to Twitter to Urge Against New Iran Sanctions Bill

WEB Notes: Maybe these guys can start voting via Twitter. They could just paste a link to the bill that they are not going to read anyway and vote by the title or by whoever pays the highest fee for the yes or no vote. This is today’s America after all where the President Commands from an iPhone and a social media.

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IMF-Backed Egypt Offers $3 Billion in Bonds Amid Falling Costs

Egypt is selling $3 billion on international bond markets Wednesday, taking advantage of lower borrowing costs after its economic policies earned the International Monetary Fund’s endorsement.

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Keep These Garden Pests Out of Your Garden: Part I

WEB Notes: More at the source.

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