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Date: May 30, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Psalm 56:4

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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ADL Calls on Google to Take Action After Revelations That Deniers Included in ‘Holocaust Historian’ Search Results

WEB Notes: Can you believe what is transpiring in our world today? At every angle truth is being wiped out. Set aside your own personal beliefs about the holocaust for a moment. They are talking about removing a group of people who have presented proof that the holocaust claims have been greatly exaggerated, which is in fact true. Even if it was not, you do not wipe this out, or modify the results as a “special case”. Then anything else someone does not like will be wiped out as well. How about Christianity? You cannot pray at school because it might offend someone. But hey, if you are a man who feels like a woman go ahead and use the ladies room because that will not offend a soul. I beg to differ. This is a growing trend. We all just witnessed the Confederate Monuments that were removed. In today’s world, when truth gets in the way it is removed from sight.

This is an unbelievable precedent that I do not think many truly grasp. 2 Timothy 3 and 2 Peter 3 have essentially been fulfilled. We have seen mass perversion for years and our government has been supporting it for the last few years. Our nation is being destroyed by those we have elected to office. They are allowing illegal immigrants into our nation at record pace destroying our way of life. Now, truth, facts are on the chopping block. I said it yesterday and I will say it again. The world cannot go on like this much longer, otherwise there will be no truth left.

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Egypt carries out new airstrikes in Libya – commanders

Egypt has continued airstrikes in Libya targeting the Islamist-controlled city of Derna, Libyan commanders have said, confirming witness accounts.

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Japan PM: “We Agreed At The G7 Summit, The North Korean Issue Is The International Community’s Top Priority”

WEB Notes: They may have said that, but Syria is the top priority for now. That is plain as day with billions of dollars being spent to over throw Assad.

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Apple, Facebook, Google And Other Tech Firms Oppose ‘Bathroom Bill’ Transgender Discrimination in Texas

WEB Notes: This has really gotten out of hand. The name of Christ cannot be spoken in public as it might offend someone. Yet, the transgender movement is protected by government and big corporations. This really lets you know where we are on our Father’s timeline. I want to point out, transgender people make up just .3% of the population. Yes, you read that right. Transgender people make up only .3% of the population, yet we have common sense being violated in the name of sin. It would seem we once again live in the days of Sodom and you know what happened there (Genesis 19)

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Texas Republican says he’d shoot Democrat colleague in ‘self defense’ after receiving threats

WEB Notes: A house divided. When your own country men, worse yet, your own government starts threatening the other party of government all over illegal immigrants you know your country has fallen. They are fighting over illegal immigrants. Can you believe it? Of course you can. This is 2017.

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US might expand laptop ban to all international flights – Homeland Security Secretary

WEB Notes: This is really silly. With a smart phone anyone can log into a remote server which would serve the place of the laptop. So whatever they are afraid of can still be accomplished on a smart phone. No problem at all.

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The White House staff shakeup begins

In the first signs of a staff shakeup, President Trump’s communications director Mike Dubke is leaving the White House, though his last day has not yet been set.

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Alaskan volcano erupts, sending ash 35,000 feet into air

A volcano an Alaska’s Aleutian island chain erupted, sending a plume of ash at least 35,000 feet in the air and prompting a temporary aviation alert, state officials said.

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California Moves On $400 Billion Universal Health Care Bill

The California Senate Appropriations Committee passed a $400 billion universal health care bill Thursday with no plan to pay for it.

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