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Date: May 31, 2017 (page 1 of 2)

Bible Verse of the Day: 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

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Bible Verse of the Day

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Friday: Bible Question and Answer

Mattis: 2011 Iranian Plot to Kill Ambassador in DC Was ‘Approved at The Highest Levels’

WEB Notes: Of course Iran rejects this claim. The world needs to continually paint Iran in the colors of the enemy so you Mr. and Mrs. America do not forget that they are “the bad guy”.

Remember, a part of the new “Global Center For Combating Extremist Ideology” was established to focus in on Iran as they are blamed for much of the world’s terrorism. There were also military deals put in place which will provide middle eastern nations in opposition to Iran with a very generous arms supply. The children of Satan are ratcheting up for the next phase.

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Mad Dog Mattis Says US Now Focused On “Annihilation” Of ISIS; Civilian Casualties “Fact of Life”

WEB Notes: We have been promised a new plan to “destroy ISIS” from the Pentagon. They must be closing in on the finishing touches of that plan or at least making them known. On a site note remember when it was treason to tell the enemy your plan? In today’s world it does not matter, the world is a stage and they tell you these things to keep you going just like in the movies, only this “movie” is real life.

I find the timing of this interesting considering Trump met with the Saudi’s along with 50 other Muslim nations and they established the first “Global Center For Combating Extremist Ideology”. You should understand they did not suddenly create this upon Trump’s arrival. This has been in the works for quite a while. Documenting to you no matter who holds power in the US, the same agenda will move forward.

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Venezuela opposition condemns Goldman Sachs debt deal 

WEB Notes: This is one way the globalists get a grip on a nation, through the financial system. The IMF just got involved in Egypt as well.

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U.S. Has Started Sending Weapons to Syrian Kurds, Officials Say

WEB Notes: They are handing out weapons to everyone else so why not? Chaos, chaos, chaos. That is the goal and it is working perfectly in Syria.

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100,000 people displaced by fighting in Raqqa, Syria, since April

WEB Notes: Of course the US has stepped up air strikes “against ISIS” in Syria. Can you see the results? Look at that photo below. That is not the damage of rifle fire, but large bombs. Syria is being destroyed under the guise of fighting terrorism.

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Kabul Car Bombing Kills At Least 80 People, Injures Hundreds More

WEB Notes: 16 years later and it is still chaos in Afghanistan. Will the people ever march in the streets and demand their government withdraw from the middle east? Nope. But their children will hoot and hollar over a bunch of nothing in College.

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U.S. proposes fining United Airlines $435,000 over unsafe flights

WEB Notes: The same airliner who drug a man off their flight recently. United had 23 flights on the plane in question when it was not fully vetted. The fine, $435,000 in chump change. How much “money” is one of your family members worth?

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Illinois Purges Foster Families Who Don’t ‘Facilitate’ Transgenderism

WEB Notes: Remember back in the 90s when you would first see a homosexual on a TV show. They slowly crept in and we were told they just want to be equal. For those that are surprised that was only a ploy. As a Christian you were told to be “tolerant”. You should now note they no longer use that word as LGBTQ rises above Christianity and we have to conform to their ways or else we are seen as less than human. This world has become a cesspool of filth and perversion. We live in Sodom and Gomorrah, actually, Sodom may actually blush looking at what we have today. Never, ever agree  with this filth. Your Father is not pleased, He never accepted this filth and He never will accept this filth. The masses are being conditioned that it is okay, but it is not okay. You hold your ground as a Christian man or woman of God. Stand and stand strong.

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Tel Aviv’s 2017 LGBT pride week to celebrate ‘bisexual visibility’ 

Tel Aviv’s annual LGBT Pride Parade is set to take place Friday June 9 and will celebrate “Bisexual Visibility.”

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Transgender rights: Wisconsin student wins bathroom appeal

WEB Notes: God has removed His blessings from this nation. Want proof? Read this article and the many others we have posted like it. Look at this nations debt, our removed freedoms, phedophiles in our schools and churches, false teachings and mass confusion. Our educational and religious institutions were once havens for God, but are now controlled by wickedness. The more filth we allow, the more He will remove Himself from the nation. This does not need to apply to you on a personal level. Read Deuteronomy 28.

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