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New president wants South Korea to learn to say ‘no to America,’ improve relations with Kim Jong-un

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WEB Notes: Now what was it the mainstream and other news sources were blabbering about earlier this year? “Populism“. Do you notice how that fizzled out really quick and you no longer hear about it? You yourselves do not talk about “populism” anymore either. Why? Because the media is not telling you to talk about it anymore so you do not mention it. This is called conditioning of your mind. If they talk about chocolate ice cream you will start to talk about chocolate ice cream and so on. If they tell you North Korea is the boogie man you will believe it until they tell you otherwise. This is the type of thing you must always be on guard against. Use your own mind to think for yourself, this applies to the news of our time and especially God’s Word. We bring this up since this new President of South Korea is a lefty just like the guy in France.

South Korea has just elected a liberal president who favors rebuilding tattered relations with neighboring North Korea, which could signal a policy shift and mute heightened saber-rattling on the peninsula.

On the campaign trail Moon Jae-in promised to offer a more active diplomatic approach to North Korea centered around more open dialogue with Pyongyang. Moon, a former human rights lawyer, won 41.4 percent of the vote on Tuesday.

Source: New president wants South Korea to learn to say ‘no to America,’ improve relations with Kim Jong-un — RT News

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