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Pentagon signs new defense deal with UAE over US troop presence

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WEB Notes: Does anyone think this deal was hammered out in the few short months Trump came into office? It is doubtful, this has most likely been in the works for sometime. Notice, this agreement will send more troops and weapons to the region? Why? Iran is right across the sea…

Do you see how this works? In Trump’s quote below, “Great honor to have Sheikh Mohammed with us today, a man I have known and highly respected, and who loves his country”. Now I thought ol Trump was against Muslim’s? Especially those who separate people from their heads as is common practice in Saudi Arabia? It goes to show you, if you are a part of the Global System, the Global Financial System you are in effect a part of the “Good Ol Boys Club”.

The US and the United Arab Emirates have signed a new agreement that would dictate “the magnitude and conditions” of the US military in the UAE, allowing the United States to send more troops and equipment to the region.

On Monday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the UAE to discuss the defense partnership between the two allies.  The accord, which was signed May 8, was disclosed by the Pentagon on Tuesday. The agreement will replace a previous agreement reached in 1994 after the first Gulf War.

Source: Pentagon signs new defense deal with UAE over US troop presence | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report

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