WEB Notes: Your private life is your business, period. Of course in today’s age when you take your private life and post it online it is no longer private and that is your choice. What the school did is wrong and the parents need to be bold in addressing the school about it. Parents, does your child really need to be on social media at this age especially at 7-8pm at night? What happened to family night? How much time are we spending on social media compared to time with our Father. How much time are we spending together as a family?

Gun paranoia remains at ridiculous levels in US schools. This case is disturbing not only for the gun hysteria, but for the social media spying aspect.

A middle school student in Trenton, Ohio, narrowly dodged a lengthy suspension and possible expulsion from school because he did something people do every day: he “liked” a photo on Instagram.Zachary Bowlin, a seventh grader at Edgewood Middle School, was slapped with a 10-day suspension after the school somehow found out the boy liked this photo of an airsoft gun on the social media platform:

“I liked it, scrolling down Instagram at night about 7, 8 o’clock I liked it,” Zachary said.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong. [The] next morning, they called me down and, like, patted me down and checked me for weapons. Then, they told me I was getting expelled or suspended or whatever,” he told NBC4.

Source: Student Issued 10-Day Suspension For “Liking” Instagram Photo Of An Airsoft Gun


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