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Thousands protest Japan’s controversial ‘anti-conspiracy bill’

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WEB Notes: Many nations have already done similar things or are in the process of doing them. Coincidence? Of course not. We are being enslaved by our own governments all in the name of the terrorism that they are funding. We all go along with it in the name of safety and what does government do? Remove even more of your freedom in the name of safety. It will continue until there is nothing left for them to take. All the nations are doing this, this is mass coordination and it is all about globalism. I will credit the Japanese for at least protesting. In the US we simply embrace our chains.

Thousands of Japanese protesters flooded the streets of Tokyo to condemn Japan’s lower house’s approval of a so-called “anti-conspiracy” bill designed to crack down on organized crime and punish those planning to commit “serious crimes” against the state. On Tuesday, Japan’s House of Representatives, approved the so-called “conspiracy bill,” which lists 277 new types of offenses which lawmakers say threaten Japanese national security.

Tokyo argues the legislation needs to be adopted ahead of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 to fight terrorism and organized crime. The Japanese government also says that the bill is necessary to ratify United Nations’ Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.

Opponents of the new measures argue that the government will now be able to prosecute those who have nothing to do with terrorism or serious crime enterprises. Critics further fear the legislation could equate such offenses as sit-in protests and violations of copyrights to “serious crimes.”

Source: Thousands protest Japan’s controversial ‘anti-conspiracy bill’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT News

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