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Date: June 26, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Leviticus 19:18

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Pro-Family Groups Push Back After GuideStar Labels 46 American Organizations ‘Hate Groups’

WEB Notes: “Hate Group,” “Hate Speech” all phrases to control what you think. No one wants to be placed into those categories. It sounds negative and places you on the outside. As Sue said in the comments the other day, a separation is taking place. It will be on a grand scale when Satan is here, but the last year and a half to two years I have seen it start. It is not only a separation between government and groups, but Christian communities as well.

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It’s okay to decorate a police car with rainbow flags, but not Bible verses

WEB Notes: Reading the rest of the article, at least one officer is not happy about it as it goes against his religious beliefs. None of them should be happy about it. Tax payer dollars are paying for this and there is no way those dollars would ever pay for “John 3:16” to be painted on the side.

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German Authorities Raid Homes of 36 for Social Media ‘Hate Speech’

WEB Notes: Anything that does not agree with the globalist agenda is consider hate speech. No one has a right to tell you what to think.

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Israel freezes plan for mixed-sex Jewish prayer site at Western Wall

WEB Notes: If this was going on in the US in a Christian community it would be on prime time news. The world would be outraged, yet when these types of headlines are not about Christians, no one cares. Christianity provides truth and freedom for the people, those who truly read the world and that is very dangerous to globalism.

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Stocks to plummet 40% or more, warns Marc ‘Dr. Doom’ Faber

WEB Notes: Markets go through cycles, manmade or not. Of course it will come down at some point. It has been artificially inflated for years now.

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Supreme Court: Travel Ban, Guns, LGBT, and Possible Supreme Court Retirement

President Trump’s travel ban, the Second Amendment, religious liberty versus LGBT issues, and even the possibility of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement will be addressed, as all eyes are on the Supreme Court on Monday.The nation’s highest court should decide two major cases on Monday.

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