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Globalists Exploit U.K. Election Fiasco in Bid to Derail Brexit

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WEB Notes: The UK has been controlled by the globalists for a very long time. Nothing has ever changed. In an article from last year titled, “Britain Has Not Pushed Out The Globalists” we said just that. The current global structure does need to fail, but it is doubtful Britain will leave the EU. UK PM May called for early elections after being in office for mere months, for what reason? “To gain an upper hand?” In boxing they would call this throwing the fight.

Brexit is in danger of being derailed by establishment globalists. A snap election called by controversial U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to ostensibly help the Conservative (Tory) Party gain a larger majority in Parliament has resulted in what is being painted as a humiliating defeat, sparking calls for her resignation and for a rethink of Brexit. While the Tories are still the largest bloc in the U.K. House of Commons, they lost their majority. Ultra-far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party, who said they would honor the Brexit vote as well, picked up most of the seats lost by Conservatives.

What exactly the stunning election results mean for the British exit from the European Union, known as Brexit, is not yet clear. But with May focusing on curtailing fundamental freedoms under the guise of “terror,” more than a few globalists are working to exploit the general election result to undermine British voters’ clear vote last year for a restoration of self-government via secession from the EU. In fact, some globalist voices are painting that outcome as inevitable, suggesting a “soft” Brexit non-exit from the EU might be better. A number of voices even suggested the entire election disaster was in fact part of a plot to derail independence. And May, of course, was actually an opponent of Brexit before the referendum.

Source: Globalists Exploit U.K. Election Fiasco in Bid to Derail Brexit

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