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“ISIS” Attacks Iranian Government: Global Powers Escalate Their One World Agenda

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ISIS With US Military Hardware Tank

ISIS With US Military Hardware

WEB Notes: This is a major escalation in the “war on terrorism”. ISIS has now attacked Iran and Iran is blaming it on the Saudis. Trump said, “states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote“. The Global Powers of our time continually accuse Iran of supporting the terrorists including ISIS. Yet, common sense tells us Iran is a military ally of Syria. It has been documented Iranian forces are in Syria helping fight against the invasion of terrorists, including Global Powers such as the US, Britain and Russia. So why would Iran fund ISIS only to fight against them?

The same notion is being used by Global Powers. They claim they fight ISIS, yet we see ISIS grow stronger with US military hardware and equipment as their reach expands. Syria on the other hand becomes more decimated by the day.

Something else we need to note. What is typically attacked by the terrorists in Western nations? The people. What was attacked in Iran? Symbols of their revolution, the tomb of Ayatollah and the Iranian Parliament. Do not read over that, that was an attack on the Iranian government itself. We have harped on this over and over how the terrorists never attack the government. Now they have in Iran, but no where else in the world. This should document to you the globalists are beginning to move in on Iran and I see this attack as a signal to Iran of that fact as well.

It is well documented the US has been trying to overthrow the government of Iran for decades, the article below helps to point that as well. Right from the beginning of the Trump administration it was obvious war was on the agenda. Let us look at some of the headlines from the last few months under the Trump admin:

Then we have the recent peace treaty with 55 Muslim nations all in an effort to target Iran and remove their government from power, merging it into the global financial system.

Biblical events are unfolding rapidly at this time. The fall of Iran is not imminent, but this is the biggest indicator to us that the war against Iran is moving forward. Remember, it has taken years for Global Powers to move into Syria. It will take time for the Iranian situation to unfold as well. Eyes open.

Additional Viewing:

ISIS News and World Leaders Calls for a United World Against Terrorism – Video

Assaults on potent symbols of Iranian ideology, claimed by Isis, will stoke tensions with Saudi Arabia, Gulf states and Trump.

In targeting the Iranian parliament and the tomb of the Islamic Republic’s founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the terrorists who went on a lethal rampage in Tehran on Wednesday chose the two most potent symbols of the 1979 revolution.

The apparently coordinated assaults have been blamed by Iran’s hardline Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Saudi Arabia and, whatever the truth of the allegation, they are likely to have a big political impact far beyond Iran, stoking tensions with the US, Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Muslim monarchies of the Gulf.

Isis is at war, ideologically and militarily, with Iranian forces and allies in Syria and Iraq. In a video released in March, it vowed to “conquer Iran and restore it to the Sunni Muslim nation as it was before”. The jihadis claim that Iran’s clerical leaders, and their royal Persian predecessors, have persecuted Sunnis for centuries.

Well-documented covert efforts by George W Bush’s administration in the 2000s to destabilise Iran by funding militant internal opposition groups are not forgotten in Tehran. Nor is unofficial, on-off American support for the Mujahedin e-Khalq, or People’s Mujahadin of Iran, a group formerly backed by Saddam Hussein that was responsible for numerous armed attacks inside Iran.

The question now is whether Trump’s overt hostility is encouraging a repeat of past destabilisation efforts, directly or indirectly. Overturning the previous US president Barack Obama’s policy of limited engagement, Trump launched a blistering attack on Iran last month. Speaking during a visit to Riyadh, he demanded Iran’s international isolation, claiming Tehran was the world’s main exporter of “the fires of sectarian conflict and terror”.

His host, King Salman, accuses Iran of “spearheading global terrorism”. Egged on by Israel, Trump has threatened to tear up Obama’s landmark 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

Unlike the autocratic Gulf regimes, Iran also has a quasi-democratic political system, with an elected parliament and president, that confounds the “sponsor of terrorism” image. This awkward fact seems to enrage Trump, the Saudis and Isis in equal measure.

Source: Consequences of attacks in Tehran will be felt around the world | Simon Tisdall

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  1. Former military man Wesley Clarke spoke about this.. Unknowingly what it was about years ago… The antichrist is coming soon
    but Jesus Christ is coming again to take care of the situation… Gods word is true right down to every letter and word..Praise Him!

  2. Just want to expand a little on what you said above.
    Up until now “terrorists” have pretty much attacked only the people of a country, not the governments they say they hate. Why? All Terrorists are proxies. They are hired mercenaries, recruited, trained, funded and controlled by the US and it allies, which in turn are controlled by the International kenite Bankers who control every country on earth with their money except for the last few holdouts like Syria and Iran who are preventing the bankers from total world domination and enslavement of the human race.
    These kenite money changers are the same bloodline Christ took a cat of nine tails to and drove out of the temple. They have overthrown governments many times throughout history, but have never been able to enslave the people for more than a hundred years or so. The people always rise up and take back their land and their freedom, there are too many people for the children of satan to control for very long. The bankers do not fear governments, they fear the people.
    This time around, which is biblically the last time around, the bankers have been implementing (for hundreds of years) a plan to overthrow and enslave the entire planet, kill about seven billion useless eaters, meaning you, and enslave the remaining manageable number of people, around 300 to 500 million of them. For eternity. To do that they have to convince the people to go along with their plan until it is too late for the people to fight back. So, they send “terrorists” to kill the people and instill fear into their hearts, the bloodier and more gruesome the better, so the people will give up their freedom for security, a security which is nothing more than control and enslavement of the people. That is why the people are targeted instead of the governments.
    However, if the country being attacked is not part of the one world system, not controlled by the bankers; but instead is a free country that makes and controls the value of their own money like Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya and North Korea then those governments must be attacked and overthrown It is not a one world government if there is more than one government, so the last few remaining free countries have to be overthrown, their governments destroyed and their people left in chaos and unable to organize and regroup in order for the bankers to walk in and take total control. That is why governments are attacked.
    Always look at what is being attacked, is it the government or the people, that will tell you if a country is already part of the children of satan’s one world scarlet beast system spoken of in the book of Revelation. If the people are being attacked then the nation has already been conquered and is under the control of the kenite bankers and the attacks are to control the people. If the government is being attacked then it is a free nation that must be destroyed so the formation of the one word government can be completed.
    These few remaining free nations and God are the only things standing between you and death. These things have to happen, God said so. But don’t worry about it, God has a different plan and He has the victory, stand with Him and you will be fine.

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