WEB Notes: Just months ago Trump agreed to pay $95 million each. Now these planes are selling in foreign lands for $88 million each. As always the American tax payer gets the shaft. Further, why are they selling the most advanced aircraft in the world to other nations? Globalism, plain and simple. The world is being consolidated, the nation state is now an old idea being phased out.

Lockheed Martin is currently finalizing a $37 billion deal to sell a record 440 F-35 fighter jets to 11 countries including the U.S.

The F-35 jets, which will debut at the Paris Air show next week, will be sold in three segments over fiscal years 2018-2020, according to Reuters. Lockheed Martin is moving toward this multi-year pricing structure in an effort to reduce costs.

The agreement between Lockheed Martin and the 11 customer nations, which include Australia, Israel and Britain, indicates the price per jet will be roughly $88 million per jet for orders made in 2018 and is expected to fall below $80 million by 2020. If the projections prove accurate, it would be the lowest price ever paid for the aircraft.

Source: Lockheed To Sell $37 Billion In F 35s | The Daily Caller


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