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Parents Horrified by Man’s Risque’ Drag Performance at Children’s Talent Show

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WEB Notes: This is the filth our children are exposed to in the public arena these days. We pay the government to provide the schools and they provide the filth and perversion your children will learn. The article goes on to say,

“The New York City Department of Education has now released a statement acknowledging that the performance was not appropriate for children. It advised that, unrelated to the situation, Quinones will no longer serve as PTA president after this month as his tenure is coming to a close.”

Notice, the perve on stage is not losing his position. Only when it expires and they like to note he served the maximum amount for PTA anyway. You better believe this was not the first act by this man in front of the children. No one this bold stays locked up in the closet.

If the parents were so horrified they should have gotten up and left.

Parents at a school district in New York say that they are horrified after witnessing a man deliver a risque’ drag performance during their children’s talent show.

According to reports, Public School 96 PTA President Frankie Quinones gave the final performance at the Manhattan Learning Expo, held on May 25 for District 4 students, some as young as five. He wore a long-haired wig, a short black dress that was partly sheer, and high heels.

Quinones, sticking out his tongue at times, pranced across the stage during his Iris Chacón number, and seductively spread himself out on the riser, where he kicked his legs into the air and, at one point, exposed his g-string.

Source: Parents Horrified by Man’s Risque’ Drag Performance at Children’s Talent Show | Christian News Network

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