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Date: July 11, 2017

Bible Verse of the Day: Jeremiah 32:17

Bible Verse of the Day

Bible Verse of the Day

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Abomination: Church of England Overwhelmingly Votes to ‘Welcome and Affirm’ Transgenders

Church of England - Gloucester Cathedral

Church of England – Gloucester Cathedral

WEB Notes: In late June we posted an article titled, “Church Of England Official Suggests Transgender Christians Can Be ‘Re-Christened’ After Undergoing Sex Change“. The article you are now reading seems to be confirmation of what was reported last month.

The moral of the story? The church lost its morality and made this abomination “official“. They have “officiallychosen to stand with Satan against God. Where exactly are you standing, with God or Satan and how sure are you of that? Whether or not you realize it there is a huge divide taking place in the world. It has now gotten to the point of Christian against Christian. We cannot say we were not warned (Luke 12:49-53).

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‘Strategic Message’ for Beijing: US Leads Massive Navy Drills With India, Japan

WEB Notes: None of these guys including the mainstream media can get their stories straight. We posted an article two days ago titled, “Trump And China Agree To Military Exercises Over North Korean Threat As President Tones Down Tough Talk Against China’s Xi Jinping“. So how exactly is the US sending a message to China through military force if the US is already engaged in military exercises with China? The world is a stage my friends, the world is a stage.

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World Leaders Move Forward on Climate Change, Without U.S. 

WEB Notes: All these nations are “controlled” by the children of Satan. The important thing to understand is their control is not absolute as we have explained in The Timeline of the Tribulation. What you will read in this article and the nuclear peace agreement is most of the nations are going along with the treaty while some are not. Yet all these nations are controlled by Satan’s kids. The children of Satan control through manipulating world leaders, organizations and offices of power, the point being they do not have absolute control. This is yet another example why the existing world order needs to crumble due to the lack of agreements of this magnitude and why we will see the rise of a truly new world order with Ten Clay kings leading the way. This article goes right in line from the one we posted two days ago titled, “‘Historic Peace Treaty’ Is Reached At The United Nations To Ban Nuclear Arms“.

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North Korea unlikely to have ICBM technology, South intel says as Kim celebrates launch

WEB Notes: The US says North Korea has nuclear weapons and ICBMs while South Korea hits that theory with a sledge hammer.

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“Matrix”: US Military Funds $65 Million Dollar Project To Connect Soldiers To Computers

WEB Notes: Does there come a point when technology goes too far? Personally I think so. What about you?

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To Close Digital Divide, Microsoft to Harness Unused Television Channels

WEB Notes: Our world becomes more connected by the day. Where are you in the world viewing this page? We live in exciting times.

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Did Amazon’s Alexa Really Call The Cops During A Domestic Dispute?

Police in New Mexico say an Alexa virtual assistant device contacted authorities during a domestic dispute earlier this month, but Amazon said on Monday that its devices are not capable of calling 911.

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Rebels say they downed Syrian warplane near ceasefire zone

WEB Notes: So much for that cease fire. Did anyone really expect the “rebels” which is a term for ISIS who are paid mercenaries to hold onto this deal? Of course not, they were never a part of the deal anyway. The goal is not peace in Syria, it is a global conquest. This is about global government.

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How U.S. Taxpayers Are Subsidizing a Child Rape Epidemic at the U.N.

The United Nations, heavily subsidized by U.S. taxpayers’ dollars, has faced a widespread child sexual abuse problem for years and reacted with little more than silence.

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“State of Emergency” in Nevada As Marijuana Dispensaries Running Out

WEB Notes: What classifies as a state of emergency these days is something else.

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6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Auckland Islands, New Zealand region

Earthquake - San Andreas Fault

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons

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